Complete Woodworking Facility

Live Onsite & Online Sale Complete Woodworking Facility
Magliner Port. Alum. Ramp
Sullair L12, 50hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Toyota 5000lb LPG Forklift
Holzma Optima 12’ CNC Horiz. Panel Saw
Kantomat-OTT K154 Edge Bander
Tagliabue 52” Dbl. Drum Sander
Heesman BA2, 12’ Stroke Sander
Motion Master CNC Router
Balestrini C70N Twin Spindle Shaper
Centauro 42” Band Saw
Modular Spray Booth
Midwest HP500, 5’x12’ Lam. Press
Orma 4’x12’ Lam. Press
Black Bros. 6’ Roller Gluer
Torwegge & Casati Veneer Shears
Modular Office Furniture
INSPECTION: Mon., March 30th, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale

  • Casati Mod. 3200, 10' Veneer Guillotine Shear. S/N 83101
  • Torwegge 8' Veneer Guillotine Shear. S/N n/a
  • Kuper Mod. FNJ 900 Veneer Stitcher. S/N 2402-7471
  • Diehl Veneer Splicer. #140; S/N n/a
  • Orma NPC Type Euro 4' x 12' Hyd. Hot Platen Laminating Press. S/N N/A
  • Midwest Automation Mod. HP500, 5' x 12' Hyd. Hot Platen Laminating Press. S/N n/a
  • (2) Tyler Power Pod 4' x 8' Pneu. Laminating Presses. S/N 1647-26, n/a
  • Black Bros. 6' Roller Gluer, Var. Spd. Drive.
  • Black Bros. 4' Roller Gluer, Var. Spd. S/N n/a
  • Spray Line w/ 600' Roller Conveyor, Heat Lamp Sections, (2) 10' x 8' Spray Booths, Spray Pots & Drying Booth.
  • Holzma Optima Mod. HPP81/38, 12' CNC Horiz. Panel Saw, Rear Feed. S/N 0-24V-13-1130
  • Motion Master Giordano Colombo 5' x 10' CNC Router w/ Fagor CNC Controls, Sawing,
  • ATC, 7 1/2 H.P., 5’x10’ Vacuum Pump Table. S/N n/a
  • Tagliabue Mod. L13012, 52" Dbl. Drum Wide Belt Sander. S/N C4/36223
  • Ramco Mod. 37, 37" Wide Belt Sander. S/N 1471
  • Heesman Mod. BA2, 12' Stroke Sander, Feed Table, Pressure Section. S/N 6703021; Ekstrum Carlson #112, 6' Oscillating Edge Sander. S/N 11225; Hessman Mod. 4K22238' Stroke Sander. S/N n/a; Crouch Mod. 81-70, 5' Edge Sander.
  • Balestrini Mod. C/70/N, Twin Spindle Shaper. S/N L404BB5
  • Kantomat-OTT Mod. K154, 8’ Single-Sided Edge Bander w/ Doucet Auto Return Conveyor. S/N K45029
  • Balestrini Mod. IFN, Horiz. Boring Machine. S/N G318
  • Rimini Mod. RC3, Shaper. S/N N/A
  • (2006) Miki Way Mod. M3121, 12” Table Saw w/ P.F. Unit & Fence.
  • Stema Mod. T40, Shaper w/ Grizzly P.F. Unit. S/N 86210-010; Centauro Mod. 900CL, 42" Vert. Band Saw. S/N 000169; Davis & Wells Horiz. Drill. S/N DS-390-81; Sheng Feng Mod. SC18, Undercut Saw w/ Gauging & Conveyors. S/N 851297; Rockwell Delta Radial Arm Saw; Blum Hardware Press; Powermatic Mod. FCS7.5, Pin Router. S/N 8479464; Powermatic Drill Press; Oliver Mod. 2520, 20" Vert. Band Saw. S/N 250207; Miki Way Mod. MBS35, 12” Table Saw w/ Fence. S/N 8411015; Grizzly Shaper w/ P.F. Unit; Rodgers Horiz. Boring Machine; Tannewitz Mod. GH, 42" Vert. Band Saw. S/N 4142; Grizzly 12” Table Saw w/ P.F. Unit; Invincible Mod. R9, Pin Router, P.F. Table; Rayne Mod. 7610-HM, 10' Horiz. Panel Saw w/ Scissor Lift. S/N 21390-M; Bridgewood Mod. BW508, 18" Planer. S/N 01B0625; Davis & Wells 10" Table Saw. S/N 12T616; Lobo 10” Table Saw; Rodgers 2' Edge Sander w/ Dust Collector; Radial Arm Saw w/ Dust Collector; Allied 14” Vert. Band Saw; (3) Ped. Drill Presses; (2) DeWalt Mitre Saws; (3) CTD Mitre Saws; White 8” Gang Rip Saw. S/N M8790D; 6’ x 6-Head Dbl. End Tenoner.
  • Toyota Mod. 6FGCU30, 5000 Lb. L.P.G. Forklift. S/N 60527
  • Komatsu Mod. FG2511, 5000 Lb. L.P.G. Forklift; S/N 250258
  • Magliner Aluminum Portable Truck Ramp.
  • (2000) Dodge Ram Dakota Pick-Up Truck.
  • Sullair Mod. LS125OMAC, 50 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N 003-117619; Arrow Dryer; (3) Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressors w/ Dryers; (2) Cyclone Dust Collectors; (2) Sewing Machines; Cutting Table; Cardinal Mod. 548, Rotary Knife; (2) Hand Punches; (2) Hyd. Pallet Jacks; Port. Platform Scale; (2) 24' x 24' Steel Mezzanines; Pallet Racking; Computer Equipment & Software, Safe, Camera, TV Equipment, Printers, Phone, Modular Office
TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of 25% in cash, cashier's check, or company check is required of each bidder for deposit only. Total to be paid within time specified by auctioneer in cash, cashier's check, or wired funds before removal of purchase. All purchases must be removed within period announced by auctioneer. All descriptions are believed to be correct, but no guarantees or warranties are made by auctioneer as to nomenclature or age. Everything sold on an "as is" basis. ALL SALES WILL BE SUBJECT TO LOCAL & STATE SALES TAX. A BUYERS' PREMIUM WILL BE COLLECTED ON ALL PURCHASES.
WEBCAST BIDDER INSTRUCTIONS: All Internet Bidders Must Register For This Auction At At Least 48 Hours Prior To The Sale Date. If You Do Not, You Will Not Be Approved. There Is A 18% Buyers' Premium In Effect For All Online Purchases. We Highly Recommend That Potential Buyers Attend This Auction & Bid Live Onsite. This Will Give You The Ability To Inspect The Items & Fully Appreciate Their Condition Along With Saving You 3% Of The Buyers' Premium. No Last Minute Registrations Will Be Accepted. Make Sure To Register No Later Than 48 Hours Prior To The Start of The Auction.
Compton, CA

Paper and Plastics Recycling Yard

Public Auction Paper and Plastics Recycling Yard


  • (2010) Recycling System – 120 Tons Per Hour -- Consisting Of:
  • 6' x 150' Cleated Infeed Conveyor; 6' x 60' Hyd. Feed Conveyor w/ Siemens Controls; (8) Trash Chutes; (2010) CP Mfg. Mod. 39016850, 6' Dbl. Deck Sizer  S/N 4072; (2) (2010) CP Mod. 39016900, 10' x 20' Single Deck Sizers  S/N's 4072, N/A; (2) 6' x 40' Elevator Conveyors; (2) 4' x 30' Discharge Conveyors; (2010) Dings Mod. 44CB, 3' x 6' Magnet Separator, S/N 216214; 3' x 60' Hyd. Gulf Coast Outfeed Shopper Conveyor; (2010) Javelin Mod. ST3008-90, 3' x 8' Eddy Current Separator, S/N JAV-10-045; Scientific Dust Collector; Siemens Simatic Multi Panel Controls; Touch Screen.
  • (2010) Harris Selco Mod. 2R-1050-BR, 50 H.P. Dual Ram Baler w/ 48” x 40' Cleated Infeed Conveyor, AB Panelview 600 Controls, Accent Auto. Wire Tie, 3' x 4' Opening, Thermal Transfer Heat Exchanger w/ Underground Belt Conveyor; S/N 8110
  • (2010) Rice Lake Mod. 720i, 70' Truck Above Ground Scale, 50 Ton Cap.
  • Ludlum Mod. 19, Micro R Metal Detector.


  • (2010) Volvo Mod. L60F, Wheel Loader w/ 2' Tink Bucket.  Vin. #VCEOL60FV00061725
  • (2008) Kawasaki Mod. 85C5, Articulated Wheel Loader w/ Tag Bucket.  S/N 85C5-5054
  • (3) (2008 – 2010) Volvo Mod. L30B-Z/D, Wheel Loaders w/ Tink 72” Trap Buckets. S/N VCECL30BT01826026 (2008), S/N VCECL30BEO1826024 (2008), S/NVCECL30BV01826803 (2010)
  • (2) Toyota Mod. 8FGU32, 6000 Lb. L.P.G. Forklifts.  S/Ns 33384 & S/N 32483
  • (2) (2000) Peterbilt Mod. 385, 3-Axle Tractors, CAT C12 Engine.  Vins #8331 & 8329
  • (2) (2000) MAC 52' Fixed Tandem Axle Walking Floor Trailers.  Vins #4366 & 4364
  • (3) (2000) Peterbilt Mod. PB330, Rolloff Trucks. Vins #4888, 4886, 4887
  • (2) (1989, 1987) Peterbilt Mod. 320, 2-Axle Rolloff Trucks.  Vins # 0365, 2808.
  • (1995) Peterbilt Single-Axle Flatbed Truck w/ Hyd. Lift Gate.  Vin. #9313
  • (1996) Crane Carrier 2-Axle Rear Loader Trash Truck w/ Amprep Mod. AMOCFL-21 Body  S/N 05071.  Vin. #2009, #147
  • (1996) Crane Carrier Front Loader Trash Truck. #144, Vin. #2008
  • (1996) Crane Carrier 2-Axle Rolloff Truck. Vin. #3655
  • (2001) Toyota Tundra Pick-Up Truck.  Vin. #1408
  • (1995) Toyota Camry Sedan. Vin. #1185


  • (28) 3-Yard Trash Hoppers; (3) 20-Yard Enclosed Rolloff Containers; (36) 6-Yard Trash Hoppers; (4) 20-Yard Rolloff Containers, Open-Top; 15-Yard Rolloff Container, Open-Top; (7) 40-Yard Rolloff Containers; (30) 20’ Storage Containers
  •  (3) Diesel Fuel Walls; 10' x 45' Mobile Office; Scotsman Ice Maker; Hobart Generator; (2009) Kaeser Mod. SK15, 15 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/ Receiving Tank; Lincoln 400 Amp. Welder; Craftsman Port. A/C
Pensacola, FL

Plastics Recycling

Public Auction Plastics Recycling
(2007) Davis Standard Pelletizing Line
(2007) Davis Standard Pelletizing Line
Denisco Pelletizer / Xaloy Screen Changer
Yaksawa/DS Panels
Pelletizing Line / Feed System
Gala Pelletizing Spin Dryer
(2008) Gardner – Denver 20hp Compressor / Dryer
(2008) Siemens 4000 Amp Switch Gear
2008) Thermal Care TCW 140 Ton Chiller
Gala Wash Line Spin Dryer
(2005) Weima 250hp Pulverizer
250hp Primary Shredder
S.S. Wash Line
Thermal Care 150 Ton Water Tower
45,000lb Alum. Bulk Transfer Trailer
Reduction Eng. Micro Powder Pulverizer
Hi Torque 75hp Shredder
Cat 3000lb Forklift
Plastic Pelletizing Extruder
(12-2006) Davis Standard mod. 80IN80, 8”, 34:1 --1000hp Extruder, 
Dual 500hp Marathon Motors, Rated 2130 Gross HP, 7 Zones, Vented & 
Plugged, Kinney Water Cooled, 4140 Grooved Barrel Screw, Merrit 
Polycycle Pneu. Stuffer Feeder, Denisco Mod. WRP36S Water Ring 
Pelletizer, Xaloy 10" Hyd. Screen Changer, (2) Yaksawa 500hp, 
Air Conditioned AC Converter Drives, A.B. PLC Controller w/ 
Pallet Dumper Hopper, 12' Feed Conveyor, Bunting 12"x20" Magnetic 
Detector, 20' Hopper Feed to Merrit Polycycle Gala 3'x6' Spin Dryer 5hp, 
4'x6' x 30" Tank. S/N BJ163 S.O. 82811
(2005) Weima 250hp Pulverizer, 72"x48" Opening w/ (2) 125hp Motor, 
(2005) Reduction Eng. Mod. 1104-02400 Gear Box w/ 30'x Feed Conveyor & 
20' Off Feed Conveyor
250hp Primary Shredder w/ Lufkin 5:28-1 Gear Box, 4'x4' Rotor, 2
0' Feed & 30' Off-Feed Conveyor
Reduction Eng. Two-Station Micro Powder Pulverizer, 60 & 75hpDrives, 
PLC Controls, 8-Station Gravity Filtration
Hi Torque 75hp Shredder, 24"x48" Opening
(2) 200hp Belt Drive Densifiers, 3' 
Dia x 4" Tank w/ Soft Starter
Wash Line
4'x30' Wash Line x (4) Chamber Discharge, 4'x6' Witte, G
ala 3'x6' SS Chamber SpinDryer, 4' Rotex Shaker, 
(2) 100hp Cyclone Blowers
Chiller System
(2008) Thermal Care mod. TCW140, 140 Ton Centrifugal Chiller, 
Thermal Care mod. FCM40 Cooling Tower, (2) 75hp Compressors, 
Microprocessors, (2) 25hp Process Pumps & Holding Tanks. S/N 08579010701
Misc. Equipment
(2) Gala Spin Dryers
(2003) Siemens 4000 Amp Switch Gear Panel
Conair 5hp Vacuum Loader
5' Hyd. Guillotine Shear
Gardner Denver VS20A, 20hp Var. Spd. Rotary Screw Air 
Compressor w/ Dryer & Receiver. S.O. 629339, S/N 1411117
45,000lb. Aluminum Bulk Transfer Trailer, 3-Compartment
Cat GC25 5000 lb LPG Forklift
Cat 3000lb LPG Forklift
Thermal Care Water Tower, 150 Ton; Vert. Hyd. Bailer; 
(4) 20' Yd Roll Off Bins; (3) Vertical Steel Storage Silos; 
Bunting 3'x4' Metal Detector w/ Conveyor; All Truck Tractors &
Trailers on Premises Belonging to Primo; 3'x12' Dual Drive Ribbon 
Blender, Jacketed, 15hp, Mild Steel; Micro D Pulsaire Hopper; 
Floor Scale; Xaloy Mod. WRP36S Vertical Rotary Dryer; Maintenance 
Shed w/ Tool Boxes, Pipe 535 Threader, 'A' Frame; (2) Stanley 
Vidmar Tool Cabinets; Ridgid Drill Press; (2) 10hp Tank Mtd. Air Compressors
Vernon, CA

Late Model CNC Cabinet Manufacturing

Public Auction Late Model CNC Cabinet Manufacturing
(2000) Wecke Optimat BP 145 CNC Router
(2010) Polar Air Compressor System
(2001) Selco mod. EB120 CNC Horizontal Panel Saw
(2011) Farr Dust Collection System
(2003) Brandt Optimat KDN 760 CNC Edge Bander
(2003) Brandt Edge Bander (Inside View)
Accu-System HVPP Dowel Machine
Manea Dbl. Case Clamp
(Late) Panther S-350 Sliding Bed Table Saw
(1999) Masterwood Speedy 315 CNC Router


  • (2001) Selco mod. EB 120, 14’ CNC Horizontal Panel Saw w/ Series EB CNC Controls. S/N 12278


  • (2000) Wecke Optimat BP 145 Point to Point CNC Router w/ Wecke CNC Controls, Vacuum Pump. S/N 6-250-13-0530


  • (2011) Farr mod. GS16L, 30hp Dust Collection System w/ Ducting, 10,000 CFMM


  • (1999) Masterwood Speedy 315 Vertical CNC Router w/ Masterwood CNC Control Pnel. S/N 9090094


  • (2003) Brandt Optimat KDN 760 Single Sided CNC Edge Bander w/ Doucet CMS-36 Saturn Conveyor, CNC Controls. S/N 0-261-02-8945


  • Accu-Systems mod. HVPP Computer Controlled Dowel Machine. S/N n/a


  • Manea Mod. D-ST Double Station Case Clamp. S/N 149124


  • (2010) Eaton/Polar EM-RTS3-30, 30hp Screq Type Air Compressor w/ Polar Receiving Tank


  • Hyster mod. H50XM, 5000lb LPG Forklift w/ Solid Tires,
  • Overhead Guard. S/N H177B385047
  • (2005) Blum Mini Drill. S/N FM00139
  • Panther S-350 Sliding Bed Table Saw. S/N n/a
  • Assorted Hand Tools: Staplers; Sanders; Drills; Saws, etc.;
  • Pallet Shelving; (3) Pallet Jacks; Hydraulic Lift Tables; Misc. Office Furniture & Equipment
Poway, CA

State of the Art Mfg. of Infrared Detectors for Commercial and Defense Industries

Public Auction State of the Art Mfg. of Infrared Detectors for Commercial and Defense Industries
AME 8100E Microetch RIE System
Perkim Emler 2400 Sputtering System
Commonwealth 38JGVS Ion Beam Etch
Veeco Microtech 1001 Ion Mill
Plasma Therm mod. 2400 PECVD
GCA 6700 Stepper
Matrix 106, Plasma Asher
Nikon & Leica Met. Microscopes
Pure Aire UF70 Clean Bench
SVG 8626/8636, 3-Track Coater
Superior Automation SA1000 Stripper
Blue ‘M’ Nitrogen Purged Oven Proto-Flow
Nanometrics Nanospec AFT Scope & Photo Resist
LPKF Reflow Oven
Yes HMDS Oven
Mikron M345 Black Bodies & SEIR FPA Test System
RO & D.I. Water System
Sullair 1500 E Compressor
York 10 Ton Chiller
(2) ITC-Dewar Vacuum Evaluation & Bake System
AME 8100E Microetch, 6” Wafer, Kalrez Coated Hexode Chamber; 
18 Wafer Cap.; 20”x24” Chamber, CF4, CHF3 & O2 Gases, Contained 
Turbo Pump, 2hp Vacuum Pump; Chiller; 1500W RF Power Supply; S/N 004503
Perkin Elmer mod. 2400 Sputtering Metal Deposition System, 
8” Target; Load Lock; 6” Wafer; EMI mod. OEM-12A 12-Amp
 TCF Power Supply; 3 Target Positions: Nickel Chrome 80/20 
Target; Alum. Target; Copper Target. Etch Position; CT-8 
Cyro Pump; Dialectic Film Capable; Edwards 40, Two-Stage 
2hp Vacuum Pump; Neslab CFT150 Chiller; CTI Cryogenics 8200 Compressor
Commonwealth mod. 38JG; 38” Dia. Chamber; IBD System; 
Inficon Transpector 2.0 Residual Gas Analyzer; Differential
 Pumped; CTI 400 Cryo Onboard Pump; Edwards RV3 Vacuum Pump; 
Leybold Dryer; 100B Mechanical Pump; 100 Meters cubed per Hour; 
(2001) Commonwealth IBS Controller; Ion Beam DC Source; 
(2) Chiller/Heated Water Systems; CTI 8510 Compressor; S/N 4212
Veeco Microetch mod. 1001, 10” Ion Mill; Dual Wafer 6” Cap.;
 CTI 400 Cryo Onboard Pump; Veeco Process Auto. Controller; 
Substrate Fixture Controller; AVC1000 Valve Controller; 
2000Pressure Controller; RG1000 Ionation Gauge; 1200 Volt RF 
Power Supply; CTI 9600 Compressor; 2hp Vacuum Pump; Water 
Cooled Stage; S/N 1600-175B
Plasma Therm mod. 2400 PECVD; 30” Dia. Chamber; 3-Stage R.F. 
Power Settings: 50W-200W-1500W Settings; NH3-N20-N2-SIH4-HE 
Gases; CF4/02 Cleaning; ENI mod. OEM 25B RF Generator; 
Windows-Based Controller Software Upgrade; Leybold Heraeus 
mod. WS4, 500/D60AC Dual Stage Pumping/Blower System; Dual 
Stage Chiller/Heater; S/N 00394-PSI#3
GCA mod. 6700 Stepper; 6” Wafer; Reticule Mgt. System; 
Auto Loader; Environmental Chamber; Windows-Based Process
 Controller; UPS Backup; S/N 6700C61519269. (2001) RTS Refurbished.
Matrix mod. 106, 6” Wafer Plasma Asher; ENI mod. OEM-RB RF
 Generator; Alcatel Vacuum Pump;S/N 1405101-0809
SVG 8626/8636 3-Track Coater; 2 Coat + 1 
Spray/Puddle Developer; 6” Wafer
Superior Automation SA1000, S.S., 3-Station Stripper;
 2-Clean/1-Rinse; (3) Multisonik Generators; Dual Station
 Safety Returns
(2) ITC Dewar Vacuum Evaluation & Bake Systems; 24-48 
Vacuum ¼-in dia. Stems; CTI Onboard Vacuum Pump;
 RGA Systems; (2) Mech. Pumps
(2) Praxair Ultra Purge 100 Gas Cabinets
(3) Pure Aire UF70 Clean Benches
Yield Yes LP-3-M-3 Vapor Prime System; HMDS Oven
Custom Vacuum Bake Station w/ Turbo Pump & Camera
K&S 8020 Auto Gold Ball Bonder; S/N PPC-80081
Semitool 200 SRD Dual-Stage Spin Rinse Dryer
(2) LPKF Proto Flow Reflow Ovens; S/Ns OZ1714N122 & OZ1735N169
Blue ‘M’ SDX mod. IGF6680-F-MP350, 600°C Nitrogen Purged Oven; P
olymide; S/N IFG600
Benchmark System 2000 Seam Sealer
YES-RI Plasma Asher w/ Vacuum Pump; S/N 87789
Disco mod. DAD-2H/6” Dicing Saw
HP 4145A Parameter Analyzer; (2) Weller Solder Reflow Stations; 
Hughes Unitek 60 Microwelder; Hughes MCW550 Microwelder; 
Nanometrics Nanospec AFT Scope; Photo Resist Thickness Measurement Tool
Mystaire Laminar Flow Bench; K&S 4124 Wire Bonder w/ Scope; 
Rudolf Research Auto EL IV Dual Wave Length Ellipsometer; 
CDE Resmap 168, 6” Sheet Resistance Tool w/ Autoload & Mapper; 
Flexus 2320 Dual Wavelength Film Stress Tool; Miller Design 6” 
Wafer Prober; (3) Xynetics mod. 1034, 6” Prober w/ Camera; 
(2) Spare Cyro Pumps; Yamato DKN602C Electric Oven; (6) S
pare Mechanical Pumps; (4) Turbo Vacuum Pumps, Lybold 1000; 
Westbond Bond 70-P Pull Tester; Blue ‘M’ Elec. Oven; (2) 4’ 
Laminar Flow Hood; (2) Ultrasonic Baths; (2) Despatch Elec.
 Ovens; Kelvinator Scientific Freezer
Nikon Met Scope w/ Auto Wafer & Camera
Leica Met. 1000X Scope w/ Nomarski Option w/ McBain
Image Analysis Software
(2) Prometrix RT350 Non Contact Film Measurement Tools,
 Cassette to Cassette; S/N 9111C2 CFT-03
LH UL200 Helium Leak Checker
(2) SEIR Focal Plane Array (FPA) Test Systems
(2) Mikron M345 Black Bodies w/ Controller
Agilent mod. MSO6034A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
HP 54645B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
(2) HP 6626A System DC Power Supplies
Olympus Met. Microscope
(4) Electrogas mod. 1034 Probe Stations
(3) National Instruments Test Stations
(2001) York 10 Ton Chiller; S/N RGKM000969
RO & DI Water System w/ US Filter Ultraviolet
Sullair mod. 1500 EV/A, 25hp Rotary Screw 
Air Compressor; S/N 200610270062
15hp Tank-Mtd. Air Compressor w/ Hankison Dryer
O2N2 SITE mod. N-40 Nitrogen Gas Generator System
Ingersoll Rand 5hp Tank-Mtd. Air Compressor
Buellton, CA

CNC Fabrication Shop

Public Auction CNC Fabrication Shop
(1984) Amada Pega 344, 30 Ton Fabricator
(1983) Amada Pega 344, 30 Ton Fabricator
(1991) Amada 4’ x 35 Ton CNC Press Brake
DiAcro 4’ Press Brake
Chevalier EM638, CNC Vertical Mill
(1977) Bliss C35, 35 Ton OBI Punch Press
Binks 4’x8’x7’ Gas Oven
Air Compressor
Hyster 4000lb Forklift
(2) (1984 & 1983) Amada mod. 344 Pega 30-40-40 30 
Ton CNC Turret Fabricator, 40-Sta. Fanuc 6M Controls, Amada mod. 
MR Sheet Loader & Tooling. S/N AL441042 & AL440286
(1991) Amada mod. FBD 3512E, 35 Ton x 49” CNC Press Brake, 
7.88” Throat, 3.94” Stroke, 14.57”
 Open Height, mod. NC9-EXII Controls. S/N 3500312
DiAcro mod. 4-48-2, 4’ Hydraulic Press Brake, FOBGs. 
S/N 6820879523
Qty. Press Brake Dies
(1977) Bliss mod. C-35 Ton OBI Punch Press, 3” Stroke, 3” 
Adj., 10 ¾” S.H., Air Clutch. S/N H68241
Chevalier mod. FM-638, 3hp CNC Vertical Mill, Autocon CNC Controls, 
9”x48” Table. S/N RC951069
Bridgeport 1 1/2hp Var. Spd. Vertical Mill, 9”x42” PF Table. S/N 116366
Mattei 25hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Le Roi 30hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
So. Bend 10”x24” Engine Lathe, Q.C.T.H.
Hyster mod. 540XL, 4000lb. LPG Forklift w/ Rotary Mast. S/N C187G046328
Gauer Safety Edger
Hossfield #2 Hand Bender
Delta Comb. Disc & Belt Sander
BurrKing 4” Belt Sander
(1999) Ford Triton V10 Del. Van
Haeger mod. HP6-B PEM Inserter
Grob mod. B, 30” Vertical Band Saw
Binks 4’x8’x7’ Dbl. Door Gas Oven
Pedrazzoli Cold Saw
(2) Western 30 KVA Spot Welders
Interlock 50 KVA Spot Welder
20’ Storage Container
Nordson Sure Coat Powder Spray Unit
Gema Volstatic mod. LGC-1, Powder Coat Spray Unit
(3) Powder Coat Spray Units
20’x8’x10’ Spray Booth
8’x6’x6’ Spray Booth
Pallet Racking
Schmidt 10hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Lincoln Arc Welder
ESAB 350 Amp AC-DC Heli Arc Welder
Miller 225 Amp Wire Welder
American 18 Screen Printer
Clausing VS Pedestal Drill Press
Degreaser Tank
Instapak 808 Foam Packager
Vertical Panel Saw
12’ Vertical Panel Saw
(1994) GMC 16’ Stakebed Truck
Pacoima, CA

Ultra Late CNC Plastic Injection Molding – Plus Product Lines

Public Auction Ultra Late CNC Plastic Injection Molding - Plus Product Lines
2011 Milacron Fanuc 275 Ton CNC Molder
(2) 2008 Milacron Fanuc Roboshot CNC Molders
CAT 3000 lb Electric Forklift
(2) 2011 Nissei 309 Ton Molders
'08 Thermal Care Recirculating Systems
Maxum mod. 2400SCR, 24’ Pleasure Boat
Finished Good Products
(2) (2011) Nissei mod. NEX280-Elject-71E, 280 Metric Ton/309 US 
Ton Electric High-Performance Injection Molders, 23.6” Clamp Stroke, 
47.6” Day Light, 26”x26” Tie Bar Clearance, 37.6”x37.6” Die Platen, 
5.1” Ejection Stroke, 6.6 Ton Ejector Force, LA Ros Counting Indexing E
levator & Box Offloading Conveyors. S/N H028110112K1, H02811011K1

(2011) Milacron Fanuc Roboshot S-2000i 275B-300G, 275 US Tons x 
21.28oz/603 Grams Electric CNC Injection Molder, 56mm Screw, 40.6”x37.8” 
Platen Size, 28”x25” Between Tie Rods, 7.87” Ejector Stroke, 8.8 Ton 
Ejector, 16.5”x15.2” Max Mold, 23.62” Mold Stroke, Eject Override 
Software, Melstar Barrier Mixing Screw, PECI Interface, Pneu. 
Valves For Mold Gate, Pneu. Shut Off Nozzle, 3-Stage Ind. Air Eject, 
Fanuc 31:A Controls, 58hp, Dual Core Pull & Core Set, La Ros Counting 
Indexing Elevator & Box Offloading Conveyor. S/N A1240406/F6700AA010036

(2) (2008) Milacron Fanuc Roboshot S-2000i 165B/300G, 165 Ton x 
14.69oz/416 Grams CNC Injection Molder, 52mm Screw Dia., 20:1 Ratio, 
31.5”x29.5” Platen Size, 22”x20.1” Between Tie Rods, 5.91” Eject Stroke,
3.85 Ton Eject Force, 36.61” Max Day Light, 17.32” Mold Stroke, 58hp, 
Fanuc 310iSA Controls, Dual Core Pull & Set, La Ros Counting Indexing 
Conveyor & Box Offloading Conveyor. S/N A089TI862/F6500A01005 & 
A08911863/F6500AA010052; SN-52 w/ Tempmaster M2-2T Mold Master 
Dual Stage Controller, Gammaflux 8-Stage Hot Runner, Aquatherm Temp. 
Controller, [Drip Irrigation Product Line, Multi-Cavity Injection 
Mold w/ Polyshop (New $275,000)]
(NEW 2008) (DEMO – NEVER USED) DRTS Internal Dripper Pipe Production Linen, 
Mosaic Labyrinth, 12-16-20mm Pipe Dia., .18-1.0mm Pipe Thickness, 120m/min.
Production Speed, 500 Piece/Min Speed for Dripper Recognition; 200, 300, 
400, 500, 1000mm Loading Space For Drippers, 450 Piece/Min Punching, w/ 
Dripper Accumulation, Dripper Feeder, Dripper Perforating Device, Capstan 
Strip Slitter, Capstan Driller, Chiller, Two-Position Winder, 16-Station
Pressure Tester, Touch Screen PLC Controlled w/ Port. Trade Show & 
Parts for Above. (Also Mosaic Column Gap).

Finished Good Products Consisting of: Middle, Dbl. & Single Hole Flat 
Drippers, Flat Dripper Compensate Type, Column Dripper & Column 
Dripper Compensate Type
(2) (2008) Thermal Care mod. NQA20B, 20 Ton Chillers, Dual 1
0hp Compressors. S/N 16390011108

(2008) Thermal Care mod. PTF1100 Water Recirculating System, 
Dual 40hp Pumps, Dual 7 1/2hp Pumps. S/N 16388011108

Silo System w/ (3) Approx. 40,000lb Resin Silos, w/ Aluminum 
Transfer Tubing, Roots 7 1/2hp Vacuum Loader, Resin Hopper, 
S&S Metal Separator, HMI Monitor, AB Panel View plus 1000 Controller

Motan 6.4hp Vacuum Loader. S/N 11842-0001

(NEW) Ayok mod. HDF-CHDF-ER-CEF Auto Filter.

Rapid Solo mod. 15035, 5hp Scrap Grinder. S/N 591-112138.2
(2009) Lantech mod. Q300 Auto Pallet Wrapper. S/N QMO-25350

Cat mod. NRDR30, 3000lb Reach Type Electric Order Picker,
Stand-Up w/ Legacy Changer. S/N 3GL02771

Crown mod. 50FCTT-206, 4000lb Sit Down Electric Forklift, 
Side-Shift. S/N 9A120676

ACRA 1400, 14”x40” Engine Lathe, 3-Jaw Chuck

ACRA Var. Spd. Vertical Mill, DROs, PF Table & Vise
Rung Fu 6” Horiz. Band Saw

(36) Sects. Steel Pallet Racking w/ Grates

Mojave Granite Surface Plate

Portable 16’ “A” Frame w/ Hoist

Husky 5hp Vertical Air Compressor
Misc. Office Furniture, Conference Table, PCs, etc.
Maxum mod. 2400SCR, 24’ Pleasure Boat, Sleeping Quarters, 
Mercruiser Single Outboard Engine, FE 2-Axle Trailer. #CF68948F (’05 #J161015)
San Diego, CA