Complete Auction Services

Minimize Stress to Maximize Profit: The Key to Your Auction’s Success

Tauber-Arons takes a dual-focused approach to minimize your stress while we maximize your profits. First, we oversee on-site labor/client relations to ensure a smooth and successful auction. At the same time, we aggressively market your auction to ensure the greatest buyer turnout. Our turn-key auction service is your portal to success. On-site labor and client relations – minimize stress

  • You will partner with some of the most experienced full-time job managers in the industry
  • We will transform your facility into an enticing equipment showroom
  • Your tauber-arons representative will work with you from start to finish and maintain day-to-day contact
  • Leave it to us to collect all funds and ensure that successful bidders receive and remove their purchases promptly
  • Sellers will be fully insured throughout the entire process marketing strategies – maximize profits
  • Tauber-Arons customizes an idividual marketing plan for each client,tailoring it around strategies that will yield the best return. We cover every detail, such as the size and location of your auction and industry-specific marketing opportunities. We understand and utilize a wide range of traditional and leading edge media outlets to unite buyers and sellers from around the corner and around the world.

    • Direct Mail: We oversee the creation of compelling full-color brochures, flyers and postcards, and deliver them via first class mail to a carefully selected list of industry-specific recipients.
    • Trade Journals: Our established relationships with industry related publications enable us to secure timely and effective advertising that is sure to reach your target buyers.
    • Newspapers: We ensure prominent placement of your ad in the auction section of major newspapers to blanket target cities and reach regular auction-goers.
    • Internet: We leverage the power of the web to reach your local and Regional markets and to take your auction advertising worldwide.
    • E-mail Blast: We distribute an e-mail version of your auction brochure to generate interest from thousands of probable buyers within your industry.
    • Strategic Phone Communications: We will personally call known top-tier auction buyers in your industry to inform and excite them about your auction.

    Pictures After the Auction is Completed


    Auctions are easy with Tauber-Arons. We provide all these important services:

    • Insurance – A standard $4 million umbrella liability policy protects your company and merchandise
    • Title Searches – We clear the title on all equipment so you avoid legal complications and ownership questions.
    • Customer Relations – We represent you so you can keep your focus on your business
    • Deposit Collection – By securing and collecting all required deposits, we protect your profits
    • Terms and Conditions Agreements – The Bottom Line — we make sure you get paid
    • Computerized Billing and Accounting – No need to worry about accounting. We save you the time and trouble
    • Removal Appointment Scheduling – We oversee and document the entire removal process
    • Catering – Keep buyers fed and you keep them there all day contact us today for more information!

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