Complete Woodworking Facility

Live Onsite & Online Sale

Complete Woodworking Facility

Complete Woodworking Facility
1715 Anderson Ave
Compton CA


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INSPECTION: Mon., March 30th, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of...

Magliner Port. Alum. Ramp
Sullair L12, 50hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Toyota 5000lb LPG Forklift
Holzma Optima 12’ CNC Horiz. Panel Saw
Kantomat-OTT K154 Edge Bander
Tagliabue 52” Dbl. Drum Sander
Heesman BA2, 12’ Stroke Sander
Motion Master CNC Router
Balestrini C70N Twin Spindle Shaper
Centauro 42” Band Saw
Modular Spray Booth
Midwest HP500, 5’x12’ Lam. Press
Orma 4’x12’ Lam. Press
Black Bros. 6’ Roller Gluer
Torwegge & Casati Veneer Shears
Modular Office Furniture
INSPECTION: Mon., March 30th, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale


  • Casati Mod. 3200, 10′ Veneer Guillotine Shear. S/N 83101
  • Torwegge 8′ Veneer Guillotine Shear. S/N n/a
  • Kuper Mod. FNJ 900 Veneer Stitcher. S/N 2402-7471
  • Diehl Veneer Splicer. #140; S/N n/a



  • Orma NPC Type Euro 4′ x 12′ Hyd. Hot Platen Laminating Press. S/N N/A
  • Midwest Automation Mod. HP500, 5′ x 12′ Hyd. Hot Platen Laminating Press. S/N n/a
  • (2) Tyler Power Pod 4′ x 8′ Pneu. Laminating Presses. S/N 1647-26, n/a
  • Black Bros. 6′ Roller Gluer, Var. Spd. Drive.
  • Black Bros. 4′ Roller Gluer, Var. Spd. S/N n/a



  • Spray Line w/ 600′ Roller Conveyor, Heat Lamp Sections, (2) 10′ x 8′ Spray Booths, Spray Pots
    & Drying Booth.



  • Holzma Optima Mod. HPP81/38, 12′ CNC Horiz. Panel Saw, Rear Feed.
    S/N 0-24V-13-1130
  • Motion Master Giordano Colombo 5′ x 10′ CNC Router w/ Fagor CNC Controls, Sawing,
  • ATC, 7 1/2 H.P., 5’x10’ Vacuum Pump Table. S/N n/a



  • Tagliabue Mod. L13012, 52″ Dbl. Drum Wide Belt Sander. S/N C4/36223
  • Ramco Mod. 37, 37″ Wide Belt Sander. S/N 1471
  • Heesman Mod. BA2, 12′ Stroke Sander, Feed Table, Pressure Section. S/N 6703021; Ekstrum Carlson #112, 6′ Oscillating Edge Sander. S/N 11225; Hessman Mod. 4K22238′ Stroke Sander. S/N n/a; Crouch Mod. 81-70, 5′ Edge Sander.



  • Balestrini Mod. C/70/N, Twin Spindle Shaper. S/N L404BB5
  • Kantomat-OTT Mod. K154, 8’ Single-Sided Edge Bander w/ Doucet Auto Return Conveyor. S/N K45029
  • Balestrini Mod. IFN, Horiz. Boring Machine. S/N G318
  • Rimini Mod. RC3, Shaper. S/N N/A
  • (2006) Miki Way Mod. M3121, 12” Table Saw w/ P.F. Unit & Fence.
  • Stema Mod. T40, Shaper w/ Grizzly P.F. Unit. S/N 86210-010; Centauro Mod. 900CL, 42″ Vert. Band Saw. S/N 000169; Davis & Wells Horiz. Drill. S/N DS-390-81; Sheng Feng Mod. SC18, Undercut Saw w/ Gauging & Conveyors. S/N 851297; Rockwell Delta Radial Arm Saw; Blum Hardware Press; Powermatic Mod. FCS7.5, Pin Router. S/N 8479464; Powermatic Drill Press; Oliver Mod. 2520, 20″ Vert. Band Saw. S/N 250207; Miki Way Mod. MBS35, 12” Table Saw w/ Fence. S/N 8411015; Grizzly Shaper w/ P.F. Unit; Rodgers Horiz. Boring Machine; Tannewitz Mod. GH, 42″ Vert. Band Saw. S/N 4142; Grizzly 12” Table Saw w/ P.F. Unit; Invincible Mod. R9, Pin Router, P.F. Table; Rayne Mod. 7610-HM, 10′ Horiz. Panel Saw w/ Scissor Lift. S/N 21390-M; Bridgewood Mod. BW508, 18″ Planer. S/N 01B0625; Davis & Wells 10″ Table Saw. S/N 12T616; Lobo 10” Table Saw; Rodgers 2′ Edge Sander w/ Dust Collector; Radial Arm Saw w/ Dust Collector; Allied 14” Vert. Band Saw; (3) Ped. Drill Presses; (2) DeWalt Mitre Saws; (3) CTD Mitre Saws; White 8” Gang Rip Saw. S/N M8790D; 6’ x 6-Head Dbl. End Tenoner.



  • Toyota Mod. 6FGCU30, 5000 Lb. L.P.G. Forklift. S/N 60527
  • Komatsu Mod. FG2511, 5000 Lb. L.P.G. Forklift; S/N 250258
  • Magliner Aluminum Portable Truck Ramp.
  • (2000) Dodge Ram Dakota Pick-Up Truck.
  • Sullair Mod. LS125OMAC, 50 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N 003-117619; Arrow Dryer; (3) Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressors w/ Dryers; (2) Cyclone Dust Collectors; (2) Sewing Machines; Cutting Table; Cardinal Mod. 548, Rotary Knife; (2) Hand Punches; (2) Hyd. Pallet Jacks; Port. Platform Scale; (2) 24′ x 24′ Steel Mezzanines; Pallet Racking; Computer Equipment & Software, Safe, Camera, TV Equipment, Printers, Phone, Modular Office
A deposit of 25% in cash, cashier’s check, or company check is required of each bidder for deposit only. Total to be paid within time specified by auctioneer in cash, cashier’s check, or wired funds before removal of purchase. All purchases must be removed within period announced by auctioneer. All descriptions are believed to be correct, but no guarantees or warranties are made by auctioneer as to nomenclature or age. Everything sold on an “as is” basis. ALL SALES WILL BE SUBJECT TO LOCAL & STATE SALES TAX. A BUYERS’ PREMIUM WILL BE COLLECTED ON ALL PURCHASES.


All Internet Bidders Must Register For This Auction At At Least 48 Hours Prior To The Sale Date. If You Do Not, You Will Not Be Approved.

There Is A 18% Buyers’ Premium In Effect For All Online Purchases.

We Highly Recommend That Potential Buyers Attend This Auction & Bid Live Onsite. This Will Give You The Ability To Inspect The Items & Fully Appreciate Their Condition Along With Saving You 3% Of The Buyers’ Premium.

No Last Minute Registrations Will Be Accepted. Make Sure To Register No Later Than 48 Hours Prior To The Start of The Auction.