Major Late Model Label Press Facility

Timed Online Auction

Major Late Model Label Press Facility

Wednesday, May 10
Bidding Begins Closing
at 11:00 AM (CDT)
Label Press Facility
7656 E. 700th Avenue
Robinson IL 62454


(888) 648 - 2249 or

Going Concern Opportunity in the Midwest (Chicago Area) - Label Press Industry- Below Market Long Term Real Estate Lease Available. Including Label Presses, Misc. Press Equipment, Pre Presses, Forklifts, & Misc. Facilities


Inspection: Tuesday, May 9th, 9am to 4pm & Morning of Sale and By Appointment

Checkout: May 11-May 19, 8:00am-4:00pm (PDT).  Monday-Friday Only.
Weekends are available by appointment only.


  • (2007) Mark Andy Mod. LP3000-10A, 10” Four Color Label Press; UV Station, Tumbler, Three-Die Station, Perf Station. S/N 1368939/2007
  • (2005) Mark Andy Mod. 2200-10G, 10” Six Color Label Press; UV Station, Pin Feed, Fam  Folder, Three-Die Station, Perf. S/N 13310119/2005
  • (2004) Mark Andy Mod. 4150-10C, 10” Six Color Label Press; (3) UV Stations, Turn Bars, Sheeter & Dive Station, Perf Station. S/N 1295799/2004
  • Mark Andy Mod. 220492108/2, 10” Four Color Label Press; Tumbler, Three-Die Station, Perf Station, Fan Folder & Sheeter. S/N 7703

100s of Spare Rolls


  • Ingersoll-Rand Mod. PSIG Tank-Mounted Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor. S/N PX4692005046
  • Material Handler
  • (2012) Lantech Mod. Q300, Pallet Wrapper. S/N QM029275
  • SP Industries Horizontal Baler
  • CTC Mod. STACRW4-12 Winder. S/N M3054
  • (2) KTI Z-Series Butt Splicer w/ Cantalever Unwinds
  • Honeywell Core Feeder
  • WebTech WT-25, 4-Roll Tape Machine. S/N 25PB93102
  • (2011) ABG Unwinder w/ FMS Feeder. S/N 12427
  • Omega Systems Unwinder w/ Pendant Controls
  • Arpero Tracker Unwinder/Rewinder
  • Aztech Rewinder
  • (2) Sealer Air New Air LB Express Inflatable Cushioning Systems
  • Omega SR1300 13” Rewinder w/ Fife. S/N 10984
  • Power Belt Conveyor
  • MicroClean Flexo Concepts Blast Cabinet
  • Handyman CNC Vertical CNC Mill w/ TriOptics CNC Controls
  • Powermatic Mod. 1150 Pedestal Drill Press
  • GP 12-Speed Heavy Duty Mod. FDM-1 Pedestal Drill Press
  • Focus II Floor Sweeper


  • (2006) Screen Katama LD-M1060 Screen Printer. S/N 7189
  • Kelleigh Mod. 2430 In-Line Plate Processor/Dryer. S/N 240-600
  • Kelleigh mod. 275 Exposure Unit/Dryer. S/N 275-527
  • Kelleigh Mod. 266 Plate Cutter. S/N 266-563
  • Spectra Light QC Light Station


  • Toyota Mod. 6BNCU13, 2,000lb. Electric Forklift w/ Turret Attachment. S/N 04709
  • Toyota Mod. 7BNCU15, 3,000lb. Electric Forklift, Stand-Up Type, Solid Tires. S/N 50072
  • Toyota Mod. 5FBE15, 3,000lb. Electric Forklift w/ Solid Tires. S/N 30980
  • Toyota Mod. 7FGU118, 3,000lb. LPG Forklift. S/N 64363


  • Hobart EZ Charge
  • Ferro Charge IFR Series
  • SCR Charger FLX Intelligent Power System


  • Equipto Parts Shelving – (24) Rows
  • Just Rite Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet
  • DM Scrap Bins
  • Web Tech Bench Type Plate Cutter
  • Big Ass Portable Fan
  • (54) Sec. Pallet Racking
  • (2) 10-Step Portable Ladders w/ Hoist
  • (8) Push Carts
  • Pallet Jacks