Major Fresh Produce Receiving & Processing Plants

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Major Fresh Produce Receiving & Processing Plants

Allen’s Canning
Allen's Canning
Van Buren, Alma & Siloam Springs AR


Plant Processing

Van Buren, Arkansas Factory

  • 200,000 sq ft canning facility for spinach, beans, and root crops needing blanching prior to canning
  • Complete Spinach receiving, cleaning, and blanching lines with Urschel OV and M choppers
  •  Green Bean line including (9) Odenberg and Key color sorters, (15) Lycos snipper sets, Magnuson Mantis slicers with feed tables, and SS conveyors
  • Root Stock processing with Truck/Trailer dumps, Magnuson Mantis slicer, Kuse Abrasive peeler and Key roller sizer
  •  Blancher ilnes with (7) Lyco late model 8600 blanchers and Hughes 4′ X 16′ blancher
  • (8) Canning and Packaging Lines including Angelus 60L and 53P seamers, Solbern FFP fillers, Custom Mfg briners, Zacmi pocket filler (2004) and Triangle FF&S bag packaging
  • Cooker Area includes FMC 3 shell Sterilmatic 300 can size rotary cooker, Malo vertical retort system, and FMC Hydrastatic cooker
  •  Palletizer area includes (6) Whallon low profile palletizers, Busse depalletizers, assorted pallet stretch wrappers
  •  Plus (8) tank brine makeup system, hominy blanch area, Mettler Safeline metal detectors, Johnston 40,000# boilers, HiCore water treatment reels, and much more

Alma, Arkansas Factory

  •  150,000 sq ft canning facility for bean and hominy canning
  • Cooker areas include FMC 3 shell Sterilmatic cookers/cooler, 300 can size, FMC 2 shell Sterilmatic cooker/cooler, 300 can size & FMC 2 shell Sterilmatic cooker/cooler, 8oz can size, Malo vertical retort cook system and Rotary blancher
  • (3) Canning lines with Angelus 60L seamers & Custom mfg briners
  • Plus hominy tank farm with soaker tanks, INSPX x-ray imaging system, Odenberg color sorter, Brock silos, palletizers and depalletizers