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Thursday, March 08 Sale starts 10:30 AM EST
Jones Printing LLC
1907 Crutchfield St.
Chattanooga TN 37406


888.648.2249 or
header Auctioneer, Johnathan Forester
TN License #6304

Featuring: Printing Presses, Cutters & Folding, Pre-Press, Heat Transfer Presses, Plant Utilities, Rolling Stock & More

INSPECTION: Wednesday, March 7th, 9:00am to 4:00pm & Morning of the Sale


  • 2002 Man Roland Mod. R9046LV, 39.37” x 55.11”, 4-Color Large Format Carton Board Offset Printing Press, w/Auto. Plate Loading System, Aqueous Coater, w/Annilox Rollers, Extended Delivery, Eltosch IR-HA Dryer System (In Delivery), Grafix Hitronic 3000 Powder Spray System, (2012) Man Roland 48-Key Remote Inkjet Fountain Control Console, w/Grapho Metronic Scanning Spectrophotometer, S/N 30234B


  • 2004 Komori Mod. Lithrone 28L-628, 20.47” x 28.47”, 6-Color Sheet Fed Offset Printing Press, Aqueous Coater, Extended Delivery, Infrared Dryer Lamps, Komori PQC System, Remote Inkjet Fountain Control Console, S/Ns 2227 2009 H.P. Mod. Indigo 5500, 13” x 19” x 4-Color Sheet Fed Dig. Printing Press, w/2009 Donaldson Ultra Filter Mod. UC-0140-SP 2008 Liquid Chiller S/N 48833; H.P. Spot Coat RIP, Apple Mac Pro RIP, S/N 30005984


  • 1998 Bobst Mod. SP102-EII, 28” x 40” x 250 Ton x 75000 SPH High Spd. Auto. Die Cutter, w/Bobst Presetting Table, S/N 0532-03501 1980 Kluge Mod. EHD, 14” x 22” Clam Shell Type Mech. Die Cutter, w/Foil Stamping Attachment, Heated Platen, Kluge Mod. KM76, Table Top Single Knife Manual Roll Form Roll Cutter S/N 1015, S/N 52EHS147235 1996 Bobst Mod. Media 100 II-A2, Folding Carton Folder / Gluer, w/Pafra Mod. MPC Cold Gluing System, Bobst Compression Discharge Unit, S/N 34104805


  • 2001 POLAR MOHR AUTO. CUTTING SYSTEMS CONSISTING OF: 1997 Polar Mohr Mod. LW1000-6, Stack Lift, S/N 6772265; 2009 Polar Mohr Mod. RA-7S, Hyd. Paper Jogger, w/Air Squeeze Roller, S/N 7985202; (2) 2001 Polar Mohr Mod. Griefer, Stack Loader, S/N 71F1007 & 71F1008; 2001 Polar Mohr Mod. 155ED-AT, 61”W Prog. Paper Cutter, S/N 7121208, w/Auto. Trim Removal; 2012 Viscomm Mod. 30IND6050, Electrocon Freq. Converter, S/N 8008; 2001 Polar Mohr Mod. TR160ER-7S, Transomat Unloader, S/N 7195201 1980 Wohlenberg Mod. 115, 42”W Prog. Paper Cutter, w/Air Table, Left & Right Air Side Tables Light Brake, Wohlenberg Series TV CNC Spacer Control, Baumann Paper Jogger, S/N 3110-9024


  • STAHL RX52A, 20” X 28” 8-PAGE CONT. FEED FOLDER CONSISTING OF: Stahl Mod. RX52A, Cont. Feeder, S/N 30738-127187; Stahl Mod. TX52.4/52.4-RX, Parallel Section, w/Stalh “Total Count” Dig. Batch Counter, S/N 30738-127187; Stahl Mod. 2.TX52/4NA, 8-Page Right Angle Section, w/Split Guides, S/N 35473-144103 STAHL RF66V, 26” X 40”, 16-PAGE CONT. FEED FOLDER CONSISTING OF: Stahl Mod. RF66V, Cont. Feeder, w/Vacuum Pump, S/N 30173-122184; Stahl Mod. TF66/444-RF, Parallel Section, S/N 30173-1333184; Stahl Mod. 2.TF66/4QC, 8-Page Right Angle Section, w/Split Guides, S/N 30173-122184; Stahl Mod. 3.TFS6/4KB, 16-Page Right Angle Section, w/Split Guides, S/N 30173-122184; Stahl Mod. SAK66.2Motorized Shingle Stacker, S/N 30173-122184; Pneu. Dbl. Gate Folder Attachment STAHL RF66V, 26” X 40”, 8-PAGE CONT. FEED FOLDER CONSISTING OF: Stahl
  • Mod. RF66V.2/N, Cont. Feeder, w/Vacuum Pump, S/N 47606-206036; Stahl Mod. TF66V/4-RF.2, Parallel Section, w/Stahl Mod. PCS1000 Dig. Batch Counter & Control Unit, S/N 47606-205036; Stahl Mod. 2.TF66/4.2, 8-Page Right Angle Section, w/Split Guides, S/N 46530-197080; Stahl Mod. SAK66.3, Motorized Shingle Stacker, S/N 47606-206036
  • 1993 Stahl Mod. S ST-90, 6-Station Auto. Folder / Saddlestitcher, w/Manual Feed Station, Cover Feeder & 3-Knife Trimmer, S/N C90HL104 Moll Mod. Marathon, Pocket Folder / Gluer, w/Moll Mod. RMSP Vacuum Sheet Feeder, Moll Mod. RFL Final Fold Unit S/N 492-05, Moll Mod. RST Shingle Stacker S/N 479-05, S/N 1107-05


  • 2005 Screen Mod. PT-Ultima 16000, 46” x 58” Dig. Platesetter, w/(2004) Screen Mod. MA-L16000 Plate Magazine S/N 9, (2005) Screen Mod. AT-801600 Plate Transport S/N 29, Plate Punch, S/N 35 Prinergy 5.3 – Dell Inc – PowerEdge T620, (8) CPU’s x 2.599 Ghz Intel ® Xeon ® CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60 GHz Wmware vSphere 5 Hypervisor 2) Apple Mod. Mac Pro PC, w/(2) 2.8 Ghz. Quad Core Intel Xenon CPU’s, 18-GB Ram, 1-TB Hard Drive, (3) Apple 20” LCD Monitors 6) 2014 – 2009 Epson Mod. Stylus Pro 9890, 9900, 9880 & 9600, 48”W Dig. nkjet Printers Mimaki Mod. CF-0912, 47” x 356” CNC Sample Cutting Table, w/Print Score & Cut Heads 5) CVS Color View Light Stations


  • 2013 Practix Mfg. Mod. OK160, Heat Transfer Press, w/30” x 41” Platen, S/N 09119113
  • (2) Practix Mfg. Shuttle Type Heat Transfer Presses, w/48” x 60” Heated Platen Knight Mod. Maxipress, 9000 Watt Heat Transfer Press, S/N 599 2011 Mimaki Mod. JV33-160, 63”W Dig. Inkjet Die Sublimation Printer, w/Dell Precision Mod. T1500 PC, Mimaki RIP Software, S/N K816D010
  • FMA Mod. RCS-16 UVALE, 13” x 19” x 16”W Sheet Feed UV Liquid Laminator, w/Vacuum Sheet Feeder, Roller Coating Unit, Ultra Violet Curing Section, S/N 1507-0309
  • Baumann Mod. BSW7LVD1800, Jogger / Aerator / Pile Turner, w/Control Console, Safety Cage, S/N 800.424
  • Mareen Mod. 203-OE, Horiz. Hyd. Auto. Baler, w/25 H.P. Hyd. Power Unit, Chute Feed & Auto. Wire Tying 30 H.P. Hog
  • Eastey 18” x 32” Semi-Auto. L-Bar Sealer, w/Eastey 21” x 12” x 54” Shrink Tunnel
  • 2008 Challenge Mod. SCM, Corner Rounder Machine, S/N 1666
  • (3) 2007 Eagle Series 100, Auto. Plastic Strapping Machines
  • (2) Challenge Mod. EH3A, 3-Spindle Hyd. Paper Drills, S/Ns 50744 & 38917
  • Acme Morrison Mod. NCA-3/4, Single Head Manual Saddlestitcher, S/N 17204
  • (62) Sects. Pallet Racking 98”W x 42”D x 12’H, 3-Tier, w/Wire Decking
  • Bostitch Mod. 79E, Stitcher, S/N 19E6663
  • Accure Magnum X6, Ink Mixer
  • Cyclone Dust Collection System, w/(2) 50 H.P. Blowers
  • Cousins Mod. 2100, Turn Table Type Auto. Stretch Wrapper, 5’H Cap., 60” Rotary Base
  • Pennsylvania 4000 Lb. Floor Scale, 4’ x 4’ Base, w/Dig. Readout
  • MBO Knife Folder, Type Z-2, S/N 82951152
  • Challenge Type J, Single Head Foot Operated Paper Drill, S/N 1653
  • (2) 2013 Pierce Mod. P-19, 19” x 22” Manual Sheet Perforators, S/N P940J
  • 2012 Visicom Mod. 30IND6050, Electron Freq. Counter, S/N 8088
  • Bemistaper Box Taper • Harris Trimmer • Sergeant Mod. 110, Heat Tunnel, w/L-Sealer • Loveshaw Case Taper • Challenge Paddy Wagon • Texwrap 2217/Eastey Shrink Wrap Tunnel, w/Sealer