Late Health & Training Supplements Mfg. Powder Blending, Filling & Packaging

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Late Health & Training Supplements Mfg. Powder Blending, Filling & Packaging

Expro Mfg. Corp.
2800 Ayers Ave.
Vernon CA


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Plast Closed- Former Assets of
Expro Mfg. Corp.


Bartelt Auto. Powder Form-Fill-Seal Machine
2012 AMS Auto Powder Fillers
Strong 60 Cu. Ft. S.S. Ribbon Blender
Marbung Neck Bander
Rietz S.S. Twin Shaft Ribbon Blende


  • Bartelt Mod. 1M714 Auto. Powder Form-Fill-Seal Machine w/(2) Hopak Powder Filling w/Vacuum Pickoff w/Vacumax 7-1/2 hp Pos. Displacement Vacuum Blower w/Silencer; Tuthill 3 hp Blower, 40” x 40” S.S. Cone Bottom, (2) Leibinger Jet 2SE S.S. Prog. Ink Jet Coder, 12′ S.S. Belt & Roller Conveyor, Image Mod. 1200 Powder Filler w/Mettler Dig. Scale. S/N 1027
  • (2) 2012 AMS Mod. A500E Auto Powder Fillers w/A.B. Panelview Plus 600 Color Touch Screen, w/(2) Hi Vac S.S. Cone Bottom Receivers & 16′ S.S. Conveyor w/Belts. S/N A500164E
  • Hayssen Mod. 1216 HPR Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine w/Spee Dee 4000 Digitronic Auger, Fortress Flow Thru Metal Detector, Markem Smart Date II Coder, Dual Sided Grippers, Micrologic Controller, Accurate S.S. Bulk Solids Metering
  •  (2008) Contherm Mod. 6X3SCN-HEAT Liquid Protein Filler/Heat Exchanger. S/N HC9456SCN


  • Rietz Mod. RS28K52066, S.S. Twin Shaft Ribbon Blender w/Dual Drives, (Approx. 50 Cu. Ft.) w/Grasedy Gorring Kerr 14” Aperture x 13” Clearance Metal Detector. S/N RS732574 Strong Mod. IMHS60, 60 Cu. Ft. S.S. Ribbon Blender, 25 hp Chain Drive, End Bottom Outlet, Vacumax 7-1/2 hp Blower w/800 Gal. S.S. Tapered Bin. S/N 1861
  • Day 55 Cu. Ft. S.S. Ribbon Blender w/20 hp Chain Drive, w/S.S. Screw Feeder to 800 Gal. S.S. Tapered Hopper. S/N 86733
  • Day 5 Cu. Ft. (17” x 38”) S.S. Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender
  • Reitz 100 Cu. Ft. (48” x 96”) S.S. Dbl. Ribbon Blender,Chain Drive w/Vac-U-Max 10 hp Positive Disp. Blower w/800 Gal. S.S. Tapered Bottom Receiving Bin with Rotary Air Lock
  • CSE Mod. CD1542R, 42” S.S. Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender


  • Universal SL2000RH Auto Wrap Around Labeler, 10′ Product Conveyor, AMS 60” S.S. Rotary Table, Marbung Mod. M1250BFD Neck Bander w/13′ S.S. Product Conveyor, w/Digital Controls & Heat Tunnel, VideoJet 43S S.S. Prog. Ink Jet Coder; Best Pak MSD222 Top & Bottom Port. Case Sealer; (2010) Enercon LM5032221 Super Seal Induction Sealer; Belco 4′ Shrink Wrap Tunnel
  • Hopak Visual Packaging Mod. VM-01-1 S.S. Vert. Powder Form-Fill-Seal Machine, 6” Jaws. S/N 65860500
  • PDC Mod. KRC184674, 46” Shrink Tunnel; Bemis Mod. 33181445P Cont. Bag Sealer, S/N 1010202;
  • (2) 3M 700 A Top & Bottom Case Sealer; (2) Fischbein Mod. P12080100 Cont. Bag Sealer; (2) DBF 900 Multi Function Sealing Machine; Am. Int. Double Impulse Sealer


  • Kason Mod. K241B5, 24” Dia. S.S. Vibratory Sifter. S/N M4986 Fitzpatrick 7-1/2 hp-8” Fitz Mill
  • (4) Fitzpatrick 15hp-6” Fitz Mills
  • Angelus 78p Auto Can Seamer. S/N 243
  • Angelus 26p Auto Can Seamer
  • Russell 17300, 20” S.S. Vibratory Sifter
  • Mateer Post. Mtd. Auger Filler, S/N 802804; Spee Dee Volumetric Filler Vacumax 10hp Positive Disp. Blower; NuCon Super Sack Bulk Bag Unloader; (2) Rice Lake 4’x4′ Dig. Platform Scales; (3) UWE GS 3000 Gal. Tare Scales; Ohaus 2000 Gal. Dig. Scale; (3) Rice Lake 1Q2102A Dig. Scales; Lafferty S.S. Foamer; 20hp Positive Displacement Pump; Patterson Kelley LB7072 S.S.Twin Shell ‘V’ Blender; Groen 20 Qt. S.S. Steam Kettle


  • Great Dane 53′ Refrigerated Van Trailer
  • Parker Mod. 1039.5, 9-1/2 hp Steam Boiler, S/N 47667
  • Donaldson 40hp Dust Collector
  • IR 25hp Tank-Mtd. Air Compressor w/Dryer
  • Mattei 25hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/Dryer
  • Sebright 4260 Hydraulic Horizontal Trash Compactor
  • (2) Hyster Mod. W40XT, 4000lb Elec. Pallet Lifts
  • (2) Crown Mod. PE400060, 6000lb. Elec. Pallet Lifts
  • Hyster Mod. S 30 FT, 3000lb LPG Forklift, S/N EUIOV02795F
  • Hyster Mod. S30XM, 3000lb LPG Forklift, S/N C010H05215W
  • Sky Jack Scissor Lift
  • Balding Vertical Mill
  • Ridgid 300′ Pipe Threader; Advance DA5321 Floor Scrubber; Skate Conveyor; Plastic Totes; Nucon Super Stack Unloading Platform; Thermo Dynamics Plasma Welder; Husky 2hp Air Compressor; Lyons Flammable Storage Cabinet; S.S. Tables; Hercules Tote Lift; Drill Press; (2) 40′ Storage Containers; Dbl. End Grinder; Crown 1500lb Walk Behind Elec. Forklift; Genie Personal Man Lift; Upright Man Lift


  • Shimadzu IRA Affinity 1, Fourier Transform I.R. Spectroprotometer w/Single Reflection & ATR Attachment; Patterson KellyMod. LB1249, Lab ‘V’ Blender; Humbolt Sieve Sifters; 3M Electronic Pipette; (2) Boekel Incubators; Hanna pH Meter; (4) Digital Lab Scales; Microscope