Extremely Well-Maintained Veneer Woodworking Facility

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Extremely Well-Maintained Veneer Woodworking Facility

Veneer Products
7301 Quimby Street
Paramount CA


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Wemhoner 88-1/2” x 102-1/3” x 12-Ram Vertical Hydraulic Laminating Press
L&L Glu All 20KW H.F. Laminator
Black Bros. 6’ Roller Glue Spreader
L&L H.F. Laminator
1999 Monguzzi Mod. 3800-TRM-2L, Twin Knife Programmable Hyd. Veneer Cutter
1994 Monguzzi Mod. 4500-TRM-2L, Twin Knife Programmable Hyd. Veneer Cutter
1992 Casati Mod. BTT900, Hydr. Dbl. Cross Veneer Back Guillotine Shear
Giben Prismatic 2SP CNC Horizontal Panel Saw
(2) Kuper Veneer Stitchers
(3) Diehl Tapeless Veneer Splicers
2002 Fisher Ruckle Veneer Splicer
Viet Programmable Single Drum Wide Belt Sander


  • (1986) Wemhoner 88-1/2” x 102-1/3” x 12-Ram Vertical Hydraulic Laminating Press, 12-8” Dia. Hydraulic Hot Platen Press Cylinders, 12” Vertical Clearance, Short Cycle, Bay Gas Fired Hot Oil Heater, Hymmen 39” Four-Roller Glue Spreader, Brushing Machine, Disk Puller Track, Scissor Lift, Belt Lay Up Table, Auto. Outfeed Stacking Conveyor & Controls
  • (1972) Ott Mod. D99-800, Approx. 8’x12″ Vertical Hydraulic Laminating Press, 8′ x 8” Dia. Hydraulic Hot Platen Cylinders, Black Bros. 6′ Roller Glue Spreader (S/N 141763); Disc Roller Track, Infeed/Outfeed Table, Scissor Lift. S/N 6512
  • (1996) L&L Glu All Mod. GA-100, 20KW High Frequency Hydraulic Laminating Press, 4-1/2” Thickness Cap., 50”x100” Platen Cap., 5hp Hyds, Infeed Section. S/N 96-1093
  • L&L Du All 50”x72” H.F. Hydraulic Laminating Press
  • L&L Du All 40”x40” H.F. Hydraulic Hot Platen Press


  • (1994) Monguzzi Mod. 4500-TRM-2L, 4500mm-177” Twin Knife Programmable Hydraulic Veneer Cutter, EC 3000 Microprocessor. S/N 101294
  • (1999) Monguzzi Mod. 3800-TRM-2L, 3800mm-149” Twin Knife Programmable Hydraulic Veneer Cutter, EC 3001 Microprocessor. S/N 291099
  • (1985) Josting Mod. EFS2800, 2800m-110” Veneer Cutter, PoweBack Cages. S/N 9713
  • (1972) Kuper-Josting Mod. EFS2600, 2600mm-102” Veneer CutterPower Back Cage, Fiessler Front Safety Controls. S/N 8065
  • (1992) Casati Mod. BTT900, 900mm-35-1/2” Hydraulic Dbl. Cross Veneer Back Guillotine Shear w/Lay Out Table. S/N 920210
  • Monguzzi Mod. 1200, 1200mm-47” Hydraulic Cross Veneer Guillotine Shear w/Lay Out Table
  • Tagliaue Mod. TT800, 800mm-31” Hydraulic Cross Veneer Guillotine Shear w/ Lay Out Table. S/N CO/32073
  • (2002) Casati Mod. BIS, 30” Guillotine Shear. S/N 0203041
  • Capital 10′ Clipper Shear
  • Kuper Mod. KLM, Veneer Edge Gluer. S/N 3802-0111


  • (2002) Fisher Ruckle Mod. Omni Master Veneer Splicer w/ Integrated Gluing, 300-3200 Length, 0.4–0.8mm Thickness,
  • 45-1200mm Width, 50-50m/min., 250°F Heating, 9.0KW. S/N 74126 (3) Diehl Mod. VS81 Tapeless Veneer Splicers


  • (2) (1998) Kuper Mod. FW-1200E Veneer Stitchers. S/N 3806-3338, -3806, -3339


  • (1998) Giben Prismatic 2SP Mod. H115, 12′ CNC Horizontal Panel Saw, Rear Loading, Front Extension. S/N 721-98-450
  • (1991) Schaer Mod. 14-3100, 10′ CNC Horizontal Panel Saw, Rear Loading. S/N 8558


  • (1997) Viet Mod. Valeria 1-1600, 60” Programmable Single Drum Wide Belt Sander w/Dust Collector and Scissor Lift. S/N 4191017
  • (2) DMC Top Sand 135, 52” Dbl. Drum CNC Wide Belt Sander, w/ Cross Belt& Dust Collector w/ Scissor Lift. S/N AE2/003000; S/N AE2/00359E (Microprocessor)
  • Timesaver Mod. 652-4BT, 52” Top & Bottom Sander, Top Column, Bottom Column w/ Air Blow Off& Scissor Lift. S/N 18829
  • Heesman 10′ Stroke Sander, 50hp


  • (1999) Gabbiani Mod. 122, 12′ Single Sided Programmable Edge Bander, Pic 200 Microprocessor. S/N BM0-9800751
  • IDM 24′ Single Sided Edge Bander


  • Fida 50hp Dust Collector w/Cyclone
  • Fida 25hp Dust Collector w/ Cyclone
  • (1987) Torweegee Mod. H632, 12′ Dbl. End Tenoner. S/N 311
  • Black Bros. 72” Roller Glue Press
  • (2000) Osama Mod. S42/P-2000, 6′ Roller Glue Press. S/N 4151
  • Celasci ISA440N, 12’x12-Head Dbl. End Tenoner w/ Scissor Lift, S/N 4790
  • Northfield No. 7, 24” Planer. S/N 831021-1
  • Rodgers 6′ Oscillating Edge Sander
  • Casadei 14” Table Saw w/P.F. Unit
  • I.R. Mod. SSR 2000/500L, 150hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/Dryer
  • Sullair Mod. 20-1252WCAE, 125hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N 252573
  • Feng SC-18 Undercut Chop Saw w/ Dust Collector; Porter12” Joiner; Jenkins 12″x12-Head Dbl. End Tenoner; Aluminum Dock Plate


  • (1986) International S1700, 24′ Stake Flatbed Truck
  • (1995) Ford Super Duty 12′ Stake Flatbed Truck, Vin# 28414
  • GMC 3500 12′ Stake Flatbed Truck
  • Cushman Utility Cart
  • Golf Cart


  • (2) Toyota Mod. FGC30, 6000lb L.P.G. Forklifts, S/N 10393, 70182
  • Komatsu Mod. FG35S, 8000lb. L.P.G. Forklift w/Side Shift
  • Komatsu Mod. FG25S-4, 4000lb. L.P.G. Forklift, S/N 173291
  • Mitsubishi Mod. FGC25, 4000lb. L.P.G. Forklift, S/N AR824-53700
  • Toyota Mod. 5FGC20, 4000lb. L.P.G. Forklift, S/N 8451