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CNC Aerospace Tooling Mfg.

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Owner Finally Retiring Everything Must Sell! NO Limits – NO Reserves Extremely...

2001) Haas Mod. VFO, 4-Axis Vertical Machine Center
1994) Haas Mod. VFO, 4-Axis Vertical Machine Center
(2001) Haas Mod. Mini Mill, 4-Axis Vertical Machine Center
(2) Kitamura TX80 Turning Centers
Mazak QT8 Turning Center
Hyundai HIT400G Turning Center
Leadwell LTG 10AD Turning Center
Miyano GN4 Turning Center
(2) Mazak QT10 Turning Centers
Nichols/Haas Horizontal Mills
Lagun/Haas Horizontal Mills
(2) Cincinnati No. 1-OM Centerless Grinders
(5) Landis 4H O.D. Grinders
Micro Vu & J&L Optical Comparators
Winslow FR200 Form Relief Grinder
(4) Cincinnati No. 2 Tool/Relief Grinders
Hybco Form Relief Grinder
Goodway 16”x40” Engine Lathe
DoAll 16” Band Saw
Bridgeport 1 1/2hp Vertical Mill

Owner Finally Retiring Everything Must Sell!

NO Limits – NO Reserves Extremely Well Maintained

 INSPECTION:  Tues., March 3rd, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale

• (2001) Haas mod. VFO, 4-Axis V.M.C, 2-Spindle CNC Indexer,
A.T.C., 20hp Vector Dual Drive. S/N 24031
• (1994) Haas mod. VFO, 4-Axis V.M.C., Haas 2-Spindle CNC Indexer,
A.T.C. S/N 2887
• (2001) Haas mod. Mini Mill, 4-Axis, V.M.C., Haas HA5C CNC INDEXER, 
A.T.C. S/N 24685
• Mazak mod. QT8 CNC Turning Center, Mazatrol CAM T-2 Controls,
Turret, LNS Quick Load Auto Bar Feed. S/N 66362
• (2) (1985 & 1986) Kitamura Challenger mod. TX80 CNC Turning Center,
Tailstock, Fanuc OT Controls, Turret. S/N 06122, 06325
• (2000) Hyundai mod. H1T400G CNC Finishing Center,
Single Vertical Gang Tool Slide, Fanuc 21-T Controls,
SMW Spacesaver 2000 Bar Feed. S/N 1200A136
• (1993) Leadwell mod. LTC-10AD CNC Turning Center, Tailstock,
Turret, Parts Catcher, Fanuc O-TF Controls, SMW Spacesaver 
2000 Controls. S/N L29300013
• (1985) Miyano mod. GN-4, CNC Finishing Lathe, 
Horizontal Gang Slide, Fanuc 3T Controls. S/N GN4026
• (2) Mazak Universal QT10 CNC Turning Centers, 
Mazatrol T-1 Controls, Turret, Tailstock, LNS Hydro Bar Feed. S/N 60442, 57205
• (2) Cincinnati Mod. 1-OM Centerless Grinders. S/N 1M4H8SP-1 & 1M4H5R-14
• (5) Landis No. 4H, O.D. Grinders. S/N 25402, 25962, 25179, N/A, 28466
• Myford 6”x12” O.D. Grinder
• (4) Cincinnati No. 2, Tool & Cutter Grinders 
w/ Hybco Motorized Relief Grinders. S/N 1D2T6R-301, 1P2T1L-1297, 
1D2T14-195, 1D2T5D-34
• Hybco Tool & Cutter Relief Grinder w/ Motorized Head
• Cincinnati No. 1 T&C Grinder. S/N 6D1P5H-7
• Winslow mod. FR200 Form Relief Grinder, 
Omark Motorized Relief Grinding Head. S/N 518
• Brown & Sharpe No. 5, 8”x18” Manual Surface Grinder
• Vernon Tool Grinder
• (2) K.O. Lee BA900 Tool Grinders
• (3) K.O. Lee B800 Tool Grinders
• Boyar Schultz 6”x12” Manual Surface Grinder. S/N 28855
• (2) Brown & Sharpe No. 13 Tool Grinders
• Qty. Diamond Wheels & Workheads
• (4) Nichols Horizonal Mills w/ Haas 5C Indexers 
(Indexers sold separately or as a unit).
• (2) Lagun F900 Horizonal Hand Mills w/ Haas 5C Indexers
• Bridgeport 1 1/2hp Var. Spd. Vertical Mill, 
Saragon DROs, PF Table & Vise. S/N 159618
• Goodway GW-1640, 16”x40” Engine Lathe, 3 & 4 Jaw Chuck, QC Tool Holder, Taper
• Do All mod. 1612-0, 16” Vertical Band Saw, Butt Welder. S/N 209-63346
• Lepel mod. 200MS, 5.5KW-1/Phase Induction Heater. S/N 9695
• (3) Burr King 2” Vertical Belt Sanders
• Burr King 1” Vertical Belt Sander
• Taylor Winfield 5.0 KW Induction Heater, Bench Type
• Clark mod. GCS30, 3000lb LPG Forklift. S/N 105-5512
• Enco mod. GL-30B Bench Type Vertical Mill
• (2) Vidmar Tool Cabinets
• (2) Burgmaster Turret Tappers
• Queen City 3hp Polishing Lathe
• Queen City 5hp Dbl. End 20” Disc Grinder
• Bliss 20 Ton OBI Punch Press Air Trip
• Wilton mod. 20607, 2-Spindle GH Drill Presses
• Delta 4-Spindle Drill Press
• (3) Walker Turner Bench Drill Presses
• (2) Micro VU 16” Optical Comparator w/ Q16 DROs
• (4) Jones & Lampson 14” Optical Comparators; Dayton mod. H,
40 Ton Press; (2) Dayton 6” Horizontal Band Saws; Boice 14” 
Vertical Band Saw; K.O. Lee Motorized Workheads; K.O. Lee Workheads; 
(2) Covel 14” Optical Comparators; Aero Blast 200 Vapor Blast Cabinet;
Trineo 36” Vapor Blast Cavinet; Schmidt Horizontal Pneumatic Marker; 
Compression Riveter; (3) Bellow Vertical Pneumatic Markers ; Hyd. Cherry Picker;
Portable Platform Scale; Sewfeeder Horizontal Drill; RMT Vertical Bench Press; 
Motorized 5C Collet Closer; Abrasive Cut Off Saw; (2) Dust Collectors;
Dbl. End Grinder; Speedaire 2hp Vertical Tank Mtd. Air Compressor; 
Crozier Speed Lathe; 5C Collet Closers; Drill Cabinets; Hyd. Pallet Jack;
5C Collets; Tooling & Inspection


A deposit of 25% in cash, cashier’s check, or company check is required of each bidder for deposit only.  Total to be paid within time specified by auctioneer in cash, cashier’s check, or wired funds before removal of purchase.  All purchases must be removed within period announced by auctioneer.  All descriptions are believed to be correct, but no guarantees or warranties are made by auctioneer as to nomenclature or age.  Everything sold on an “as is” basis.  ALL SALES WILL BE SUBJECT TO LOCAL & STATE SALES TAX.  A  BUYERS’ PREMIUM WILL BE COLLECTED ON ALL PURCHASES.


All Internet Bidders Must Register For This Auction At At Least 48 Hours Prior To The Sale Date.  If You Do Not, You Will Not Be Approved.

There Is A 18% Buyers’ Premium In Effect For All Online Purchases.

We Highly Recommend That Potential Buyers Attend This Auction & Bid Live Onsite. This Will Give You The Ability To Inspect The Items & Fully Appreciate Their Condition Along With Saving You 3% Of The Buyers’ Premium.

No Last Minute Registrations Will Be Accepted. Make Sure To Register No Later Than 48 Hours Prior To The Start of The Auction.