Immaculate Sausage Mfg Facility

Timed Webcast Auction Immaculate Sausage Mfg Facility
(Late) Hobart mod. 8385 Ribbon Blender
(Late) FLEC Twin Screw Ribbon Blender
One of (2) Vemag Stuffers
*(Late) Handtmann mod. VF Stuffer
(Late) DixieVac Packaging Machine
1996 Reiser/Dixie Packaging Machine
(Late) Hydroflaker
One of (6) Sausage Clippers
(Late) Meat Grinder/Mixer
FPEC (Food Processing Equip. Co.) Mod. 814 Twin Screw Ribbon Blender. S/N 0957
Hobart Mod. 8385 Single Screw Ribbon Blender/Grinder. S/N 12-8994924
Handtmann Mod. VF Stuffer, Feeder w/ Programmable Controls.
(2) Vemag Stuffers w/ Hoppers
DixieVac Mod. DV2000/I Packaging Machine. S/N 357-0595
(1996) Reiser/Dixie Mod. DV2000E Packaging Machine. S/N 325-1817
Meat Grinder/Mixer
(6) Tupper Clipper Tie Machines
(Approx 20) S.S. Portable Tubs
(7) S.S. Work Stations; (3) S.S. Sinks; Portable S.S. Sausage Rack; 
Digital Scales; Pallet Racks
Caterpillar Electric Pallet Jack. S/N 2HL05312
Hydraulic Pallet Jack
Crown Mod. 30WRTF Walk Behind Electric Forklift
Crown Mod. W-26628 Walk Behind Electric Forklift
Strapping Unit
Lincoln Mod. AC-225-S, 225 Amp Arc Welder. S/N 7050-807
Heavy Duty Bench Vise; Lockers; Shop Fans
Monterey Park, CA