Hardwood Milling & Moulding

Live Onsite & Online Auction

Hardwood Milling & Moulding

Tuesday, March 03
Sale starts 11:00 AM PST
Sanford-Lussier, Inc.
2200 Nadeau St.
Huntington Park CA


(888) 648 - 2249 or main@tauberaronsinc.com

Real Estate Sold – MUST VACATE PREMISES. Sale Includes X-Ray Scan, Optimizing Selective Ripsaw, CNC Profile Knife Grinder, Moulders, Rip Saw, Planers, Ecogate Dust Collection w/ Spark Detection/Extinguishing, System & Forklifts

Monday, March 2nd, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale


  • (2002) Nova Technologies – MTS (Multi-Technology Scanner) (S/N: 1100), Throat Capacity Of 18”W X 2”H, X-Ray & Top & Bottom Camera Defect Recognition, Optimization Software Integrated With The Tri-State T832 Selective Ripsaw To Set Rip Output, 6-Board Lateral Queue Between MTS & Tristate Ripsaw; W/ (1972) Tri-State Mod. T832 Selective Ripsaw (S/Ns: 10-26-72-45 & 10-26-72-21 – Edger Assy), Cross & Infeed Material Handling System With 6 Board Queue Between The MTS & Tristate Ripsaw, Outfeed Lateral Feed Grading & Sorting Chain, Infeed Fence Adjustable From 0 – 15/16” (1/16” Increments) With Fixed Edger To Hog Up To 15/16” On The Fence Side, Outfeed Moveable Edger Hogs The Outer Edge To Eliminate Edgings & Can Be Used As A 6th Saw Blade, 5 Moveable Saw Blades Can Yield Pieces From 1” To A 7-15/16” (1/16” Increments) With The 1st Cut Capable Of Producing Pieces Up To 15-7/8”, And Newman S-682 Planer (S/N: 11306) Planer Is Attached & Feed Synced To Tristate Ripsaw. Planing After Ripping Increases Thickness Yield That Would Otherwise Be Lost From Planing Cupped Rough Lumber.
  • (1983) Mereen Johnson Mod. 424DC, 24” Gang Rip Saw, 75hp, Laser Line Inspection. S/N MJ3301


  • Weinig Mod. H22BL, 6” X 7-Head Moulder – 1-13/16” Dia Shafts (Includes Universal Spindle), Up To 50hp Drives, Mid Oregon Cross & Infeed System, (2) Undercut Chop Saw, Upgraded Top & Side Heads – Universal Heads. S/N 1813-221
  • Weinig Mod. U22A, 6” X 5-Head Moulder – 1-13/16” Dia Shafts, Var. Spd. Drive, Roller Lumber Carrier, (4) Trim Saws, Mid Oregon Lumber Digital Cross & Infeed System. S/N 222-817
  • Weinig Mod. U22A, 6” X 6-Head Moulder – 2-1/8” Dia Shafts With Sets Of Heads, Var. Spd. Drive – Spare Parts Machine. Mostly Complete.
  • Diehl Mod. D12, 12” X 4-Head Moulder, Var. Spd. Feed Drive, 2-Head Edger W/ Synced Feed, Mid Oregon Roller Feed Table & Chop Saw. S/N 69M2477-1749
  • Mattison Mod. 276, 6” X 4-Head X 4” Height Moulder W/ (2) Undercut Trim Saws
  • Paulson 4” X 4-Head Moulder


    Grind Knives Either In The Head (Multiple Knives In A Head Ground Ready To Joint & Run) Or Single Knives In A Fixture From A CAD Drawing Of The Profile. Create Knives From Blank M2 Or M3 Tool Steel & Re-Sharpen Knives That Have Already Been Created. A.B. 8400MP Numeric Control & Pac Sci 8300 Drives
    Newman S-382, 30”, 75hp Top & 40hp Bottom Head Planer, Dual Cart Infeed, Advance Lifts Infeed And Auto Lowering Outfeed.
  • Stetson Ross Mod. E42, 42”, 40hp Re Saw W/ Twin Roll Feed. S/N 8658
  • (8) Whirlwind Undercut Chop Saw & Chop Saws
  • Black Bros 36” Roller Laminating System W/ Scissor Lift
  • Taylor 16’ Clamp Carrier W/ (4) Scissor Lifts
  • Cantilever Stock Racks, A-Frame Vertical Storage Racks, Pallet Racking, Stackable Edging Racks
  • United Model 50 Knife Grinder. S/N 1628
  • MVM LX8.5 Automatic Straight Knife Grinder
  • Rockwell 10” 5hp Table Saw
  • Rockwell / Delta 20” Drill Press
  • Foley Model 85 Head Grinder. S/N 085580701
  • (3) Dbl. End Bench Grinder
  • Grecon Optimizing Chopsaw W/ Cross & Infeed System & Outfeed Blow Off Sorter


  • Bag House Dust Collector W/ 250hp Variable Speed Blower Eco-Gate System, Brandmelde Flame X Mod. FMZ4100 Mini Max Fire Alarm System – Spark Detection & Extinguishing System


  • (2007) Combi Lift Mod. CL20100LA47, 10,000lb. LPG Aisle Stacker Forklift, 24” Load Center. S/N 2810
  • Hyster H155XL, 15500lb. Diesel Forklift
  • (2) Hyster H150, 15,000lb LPG & Diesel Forklifts
  • (2) Raymond 4500lb. Stand-Up Electric Forklifts
  • (2005) International 4300-D T466, 27’ Bobtail Curtain Type Van Truck
  • Big Joe Walk Behind Electric Forklift
  • 4’ X 6’ Scissor Lift
  • (2) Elec. Forklifts One L&S 4 Way & One Clark (As Is)