Major Sheet Metal & Welding Facility

No Longer Available

Major Sheet Metal & Welding Facility

Ace Heating Solutions, LLC
130 Klug Circle
Corona CA 92880


Sold in Bulk - Sale Canceled!

INSPECTION: Wed., December 14th, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale

Featuring: Welding Sheet Metal • Machine Shop • Rolling Stock • Air Compressors





  • Lincoln Electric SP-135 Plus Welding Machine. S/N 10974-U1030812484; Hobart Fabstar 2620 Welding Machine. S/N 395WS14359; Hypertherm Power Max 900 (Plasma). S/N 900-019233; Miller XMT 456 CC/CV Welding Machine Wire. S/N LF-185907; Webb Automatic Welder Machine Idealarc DC-1000. S/N AC650736; Western Spot Welder Machine. S/N FJ004; Spot Welder Timer, Hand-Type. S/N MSW-41T; Lincoln Pro Cut 60 (Plasma). S/N U194071707; Hypotherm Power Max 900 (Plasma). S/N 900-011258; Acme 30 KVA Spot Welder. S/N 11957; Lincoln Pro Cut 60 (Plasma). S/N U1930914653; Miller XMT 304 CC/CV Welding Machine. ; Miller 60 M Series Welding Machine. S/N KJ242068; Hobart Wire Welding Machine; Power Max 800 Hypertherm. S/N 800-003087; Automatic Welder Machine Idealarc (Simmer). S/N AC650735; Webb Joggle Machine. S/N 65124; Hobart Excel-Arc 8065 CV. S/N 197PS11621; Hobart Excel-Arc 6045 CC/CV. S/N 494WS47244; Hobart Welding Machine. S/N 12CW-57993; Lincoln Electric Idealarc R35. S/N AC478858; Lincoln Electrical Idealarc TM 300/300. S/N AC373621; Miller XMT 456 CC/CV Welding Machine Wire. S/N LF185090; Hypertherm Power Max 100 (Plasma). S/N 70-007502; (2) Automatic Sub-Arc Welder Idealarc DL 600. S/N AC475111 & AC483659; Miller CP200 Welding Machine. S/N KB079143; Miller SRH333 Welding Machine. S/N JB571503; Lincoln Idealarc DC-600 Welding Machine Wire. S/N AC791605; Lincoln 140 Welder; Plasma Welder


  • Hem Saw, Vertical, V100LA. S/N 406894
  • Hem Saw, 12” Horizontal. S/N 03581; (2) Kalamazoo Chop Saws; DeWalt Saws; Everett Ind. Chop Saw


  • Cincinnati Mod. 4312, 12’ x ½” Shear
  • Wysong Mod. 1010RD, Sheer Metal, 10’ x 10 Ga. S/N P32-1029
  • Hydra Sheer Metal


  • 6’ Polisher Rolls
  • Power 4’ Rolls
  • Pexto 4’ Rolls


  • 5’ Brake
  • 12’ Hand Brake


  • Bentec Bending Machine, BT-220, 2” Horizontal Tube.


  • LeBlond Lathe, 25” x 7’, 4-Jaw, 4-Way. S/N 3H-1210


  • Piranha Machine Mod. P4 Ironworker


  • Giddings & Lewis Radial Drill, 4’ Arm, 11” Col. S/N 952-00063-65


  • (2014) Quincy Mod. QS1370, 75hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N 4TY301702
  • (2014) Quincy Mod. QGS, 25hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N CA1802633
  • (2014) Quincy Mod. ECO Dri, Dryer. S/N CA0783461
  • Ingersoll Rand Compressor. S/N VT631402AJ
  • (2) Air Receivers


  • Hyster 6000lb. Forklift. S/N A-221389
  • Komatsu 7500lb. Forklift. S/N C355-4
  • Cat Mod. GC25K, 5000lb Forklift. S/N AT8200-04859


  • Ridgid 535 Threading Machine. S/N 359209; Baldor Grinder. S/N 00075; Ryobi 12” Drill Press. S/N C0234-12378; (2) Clausing Drill Presses. S/N C32004 & n/a; Welding Positioner, 36” Dia. S/N 818198C-1; Rockwell Radian Drill. S/N 1582194; Radial Drill Rock Well. S/N 1546479; Square Schneder Electric Punch Press. ; Lockformer Rolls w/ Rewind. S/N M3-54290C; Bliss Punch Press C-Frame; Drill Press; Hand Rolling Machine; Ridgid 300 Threading Machine. S/N EDQ5883; Aronson 2’ Welding Positioner. S/N 67111; Welding Positioner w/ Lift. S/N LD-300N-S; (2) Oven T Dry Rods. S/N 00082 & PPX-300; Baldor Grinder. S/N 00101; 2 Ton Crane; Sprague Products Pump. S/N 11791; Slobing Grinder; Grinder. S/N 01812; Head Press for Small Diameter Tanks; 4-Post Hydraulic Press; Lay-Out Machine (Welder). S/N 91733; Lay-Out Machine (Torch). S/N 556G46107; Head Press; Delta Drill Press. S/N 108-8898; (3) Sets of Tank Rolls; 1-Ton Air Crane; Pressure Pump; Electrical Cement Mixer; Inner Electrical Cement Mixer; Stud Welder Machine. S/N 71-587048; CM 1-Ton Crane w/ Jib Boom; Coffing 2-Ton Crane; ½” Drill Press. S/N 11-990; Ridgid 300 Thread Machine. S/N 00141; Skyjack Mod. 3220 Scissor Lift; Delta Drill Press. S/N 02393; Pexto Machine Circle Cutting Machine. S/N 1278-16527; De-Coiler; Pyramid 8’ Roller (3/8”); Glass Paint Mixer; Sand Blast Booth w/ Dust Collector; Layout Fixture; Drill Press T 6725; Teledyne Sprague Pump. S/N 35333; Elliot Expander Gun. S/N 120013; Nox & Combustion Kit Testo Mod. 330/2G; Excel-Arc 8065 cc/vv Thermal Arc Plasma. S/N 298PS17234; Paint Booth, 10’ x 15’ x 15’; Delta Press Drill. S/N 09203; 8” Bench Grinder; Rolling Gun. S/N 850-1250A; Electromagnetic Drill Press. S/N 838B100235107; Battery Charger. S/N 87443; 8” Bench Grinder, Mod. JBG-8A; 1000 Flowmeter; (2) Commercial/Industrial NOX & Combustion Testo 330-2. S/N 01051454-501 & 01369637-709; Enerac 700 Integrated Emissions System. S/N 700215; Manifold Press. S/N 206; Manifold Prep. S/N 207; (2) Water Pressure Tanks; (4) Gas Meters; Flow Meter; (8) Craftsman Tool Cabinets; (2) Water Pumps; Ramco Cherry Picker; (2) Oxy-Acy Cutting Torch Sets; Penn Digital Platform Scale; Misc. Shelving; (2) Cantilever Stock Racks; Dbl. End Grinder; Testing Heater; Panjiris Set Tank Rolls; (7) Propane Tanks; Misc. Office Equipment


  • (1989) Ford L700, 24’ Stake Bed Truck. S/N 43438