Massive Mfg & Supplier of Electrical Components

Timed Online Auction

Massive Mfg & Supplier of Electrical Components

Manufacturing Equipment – October 6th
Electrical Inventory – October 12th, 13th & 14th (continued October 19th if necessary)

Bidding Begins Closing
at 11:00 AM PDT Daily
Romac Supply Co., Inc.
7400 Bandini Blvd.
Commerce CA 90040


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Electrical Equipment, CNC Turret Fabricators, Press Brakes, Shear, Benders, Forklifts & Powder Coat Line - (3) Days of Inventory!

INSPECTION: October 4th thru 8th, from 9:00am to 4:00pm Daily & By Appointment
Please Inspect. Do Not Rely on Pictures, Inventory or Catalog.

MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT – Timed Online Auction: Oct. 6th at 11:00am PT


  • (1991) Amada Mod. VP305072, Vipros 357, 30-Ton CNC Turret Fabricator w/ Amadan 04P-C CNC Controls, Thick Turret, 58-Turret Stations. S/N 35710340
  • (1998) Amada Vipros 357 Queen Mod. VP305072, 30-Ton CNC Turret Fabricator w/ Amadan 04P-C CNC Controls, 58 Turret Stations. S/N AVQ57085
  • (1987) Amada Pega 20-40-40 NCT, 20-Ton CNC Turret Fabricator w/ Amada Fanuc P System 6M Controls, 24-Station Stations. S/N P2440422
  • (1981) Amada Pega 344 Mod. Pega 30404, 30-Ton CNC Turret Fabricator w/ Amadan Fanuc CNC Controls, 40-Turret Stations, Thin Turret. S/N P3440401

Punches & Dies


  • (1984) LVD Type 10.OH 25B, 10’ Gap Type Squaring Shear w/ F.O.P.B.G, (2) 30” Front Extensions, 96” Squaring Arm. S/N 11294


  • Wysong Mod. FAB 140-144, 14’ x 140-Ton Press Brake w/ 8” Stroke, 9” Adjustment, 17” Max Die Space, 40-Ton Max Load Over 24” Length w/ Wysong DNC800 Controls. S/N MPF26-101X
  • Promecam Type 51817094, Mod. RG-3000-100, 10’ x 50-Ton Press Brake w/ Hurco Auto Bead 6 Core Controls. S/N 100 11 655


  • (2003) Amada Mod. Togu-III-US Die Grinder. S/N 30230561


  • (1997) Amada Mod. SPH – 30C, 30-Ton Hyd. Bending Press w/ Amadan S.S. System IV Controls, Amadan S.S. 104 IV Feed, 20.1” Throat Depth, 3.94” Length of Stroke. S/N 00311132
  • (1987) Amada Mod. SPH-30C, 30-Ton Hyd. Bending Press w/ Amadan S.S. System II Controls, 20.1” Throat Depth, 3.94” Length of Stroke, 15.4” Distance Between Uprights, Amadan S.S. 104 Feed. S/N 709404
  • Amada mod. SP-30, 30-Ton Bending Press w/ Amadan S.S. System II Controls, Amadan S.S. 104 Feed. S/N n/a


  • (2) Lincoln Power Mig 215
  • Miller CP-200 w/ Wire Feed


  • (2014) Sunrise Mod. MBM-45NC Bender w/ 8” Die Capacity. S/N 54020243
  • Richards Bender w/ 6” Die Capacity


  • Scotchman Mod. 6509-2MM, 65-Ton Ironworker. S/N 6562FF300


  • HEM 9” Horizontal Band Saw w/ Roller Conveyor, In & Out Feed. S/N n/a
  • Jet 4” Bench Type Horizontal Band Saw


  • Walsh 30-Ton OBI Punch Press w/ Roller Conveyor Feed System
  • Duro Combo Belt & Disc Grinder; CI 16-Speed Floor Type Drill Press; (2) CI Mod. G145, 5-Speed Heavy Duty Bench Type Drill Press
  • Kalamazoo Dbl. End Belt & Disc Grinder
  • Strippit Di-Acro Mod. 2hp Hand Punch; S/N 16303
  • UFM Uni-Mone Version 503 last Cabinet; S/N n/a
  • (2) De-Burr Media Tumblers
  • Acra Mod. FF-30 Milling & Drilling Machine w/ Vise. S/N 930140
  • (2) Mag Drills
  • Lista Rolling Cabinets; 4 to 14-Step Ladders


  • Phenix Mod. HC-100 Regulator; S/N 99-492

Tremendous Quantity of Testing Instruments, Gauges


  • Clark Mod. CHY250, 25,000lb. Diesel/LPG Forklift w/ Pneumatic Tires, Overhead Guard. S/N HY1625-121-2259-10-73
  • Mercury Pettibone 18,000lb. Diesel Forklift w/ Pneumatic Tires; Overhead Guard
  • Hyster 13,000lb. LPG Forklift w/ Gas Backup Pneumatic Tires, Overhead Guard
  • Yale Mod. GLC05, 5,000lb. LPG Forklift w/ Solid Tires, Overhead Guard. S/N A8230016115
  • Clark 5,000lb. LPG Forklift w/ Hard Solid Tires, Overhead Guard. S/N n/a
  • Clark Mod. GCX25, 5,000lb. LPG Forklift w/ Hard Tires, Overhead Guard. S/N 758510F
  • (2) Nissan Mod. MCP1F2A25LV, 4,000lb. LPG Forklift. S/Ns CP1E2-SP5004; CP1E2-SP5003
  • Toyota Electric Stand-Up Type 3,000lb. Forklift. S/N 20115
  • Raymond 3,000lb. Electric Stand-Up Forklift
  • Clark 2,000lb. LPG Forklift


  • Nordson Versa Coat Mod. VCCF0009, Powder Coat Paint Booth. S/N 70596-20-13
  • Steelman Double Door Bake Oven. S/N 96102
  • M&M Mod. CO-10-14 Curing Oven. S/N 2859-10-14-9
  • Automated Control System


  • MEL 2548 Man Lift
  • (2) Presto Lee Mod. B566, 1,000lb. Die Lifts
  • Pallet Jacks; Roto Bins; Metro Racks; Carts; Table; Fans; Strapping Units; Hand Trucks
  • (3) Club Car Golf Carts

Tremendous Quantity of Various Pallet Racking

ELECTRICAL INVENTORY – Timed Online Auction: October 12th, 13th & 14th at 11:00am PT Each Day and continuing on October 19th if necessary

ROMAC has delivered fast turn-around on electrical requirements ranging from components like circuit breakers, fuses, transformers and magnetics, as well as systems like switchboards to 5000A 480V and Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed switchgear up to 38kV.
ROMAC is a pioneer in recycling electrical equipment by remanufacturing and reconditioning it, reconfiguring equipment for new applications with whole new lifecycles. In our auction you will find New, Unused, and used electrical equipment from GE, Siemens, Eaton Cutler Hammer, Square D, and many more; if you have interest in:

  • Circuit breakers 600V and through 6000A
  • Magnetic starters and contactors up to 1400A 600V Vacuum
  • Transformers up to 3500kVA plus brand new units from MGM and Hammond to 150kVA
  • Fuses through 6000A 600V, or 720A at 15000V
  • 600V motor control and motor control center
  • 5kV motor control
  • Solid State Soft Starts and solid state Variable Frequency Drives
  • 240-4160V Automatic Transfer Switches including 4000A 480/277 unit by GE/Zenith
  • Electric Motors through 700hp 1800rpm
  • High voltage and high current test equipment
  • Metal fabricating equipment by Amada, Promecam, Richards, Sunrise, Wysong