Major Co Ex Blown Film Lines as Late as 2015 – Plant Closure

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Major Co Ex Blown Film Lines as Late as 2015 – Plant Closure

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FEATURING: (4) Blown Film Lines as Late as 2015 – Scrap Recovery

INSPECTION: Mon. & Tues., December 12th & 13th, 9AM to 4PM & Morning of the Sale

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to space restrictions, the (4) Blown Film Lines will be loaded onto line trucks and the charge will be on the buyers’ invoice. No BP or sales tax will be added to the loading fee.


  • Line 1: (2006) Macchi Co Ex 3.4 Flex, 3-Layer Blown Film Air-Cooled Auto Profiler Extrusion Line: w/ 250-2K 180mm-30:1 – 135hp LD Extruder; (2) 200-2K-65mm-30:1 – 100hp LD Extruder w/ Doteco 4 Component Gravimetric Blender, Manual Screen Changer, (2006) Macchi Mod. Co-Ex Flex 450mm – 17.7” TE-503 IBC Die (S/N 0 6-001); Dual Lip Air Ring, Bubble Cage, AEC DFC 2000 Chiller Coil Cooler, 20hp Air Ring, 20hp IBC Blower, Conair 15hp Vacuum Pump, 480/240 Volt Transformer, Extra Macchi 325 mm Die. DOWNSTREAM: Macchi 94” Oscillating Nip, Chilled Rollers, 94” Intermediate Nip, E&L Edge Guide, Ferrarin & Benelli IGBT 94” Corona Treater, 94” Secondary Nip, ABB Drives, Siemens PLC, (2) Bo Axial Plus Back to Back Surface Winders, Capable of Running Reverse Winding, 40” Dia. Rolls w/ Easy Load Auto Shaft Loaders, 500 FPM Cap., Auto Gap. S/N 3692/05043
  • Line 2: (2015) Lung Meng Mod. RCT-55-90-55, 3-Layer Air Cooled Blown Film Line, 90mm-30:1 – 150hp; (2) 55mm-30:1 – 40hp; (3) Macguire 6&4-Component Gravimetric Feeders, (3) PIB Injection Pumping Systems, Lung Meng 500mm—19” Stationary IBC Ready Dual Lip Air Ring Die, Bubble Cage & Enclosure, DR Joseph Motorized Bubble Cage, AEC 25hp Air Ring Blower, 15hp I.B.C Blowers, Manual Screen Changer, 78” Primary Oscillation Nip, 78” Back to Back Rewind, Auto Cut, Auto Shaft Loaders, (2) Scissor Lifts, Auto Unloading. S/N 14138
  • Line 3: (1996) Egan-Davis Standard 5-Layer Air-Cooled Blown Film Line: Egan 3 ½”-30:1 – 150hp D.C. Drive; (2) Egan 2 ½” – 24:1 – 50hp D.C. Drive; Egan 100mm-30:1 – 200hp D.C. Drive; Egan 75mm-30:1 – 100hp D.C. Drive, All w/ Hyd. Screen Changers; 500mm 5-Layer Blown Film Die w/ Stationary Stand, Motorized Bubble Stabilizing Cage, 2135mm Oscillating Nip, NDC 5103+ Thickness Gauge, Pillar Treater, Fife Edge Guides, Secondary Nip w/ Scrapless Edge Slitters, Auto Cut, (2) Egan-Davis Standard 2135mm Turret Winders, (5) 4-Component TSM Gravimetric Blenders (Not in Service)
  • Line 4: 3-Layer Blown Film Line, Air Cooled New IBC, (3) 55mm-30:1 – 50hp A.C. Drives, 350mm – 13 ¾” Stationary Rotating Die, (3) PIB Pumping Systems, Macguire 6-Component Gravimetric Blender, 20hp Air Blower, Manual Screen Changers, Manually Adj., Bubble Cage, 70” Nip, 70” Back to Back Surface Winders w/ Secondary & Primary Nip Station, Auto Cut


  • (2005) Macchi mod. Recotrim Recycler. S/N 3632712
  • (2004) Erema Mod. KAG-HGL-40, Trim Recovery System. S/N PO3129
  • (2014) Erema Type 1-605K Recycler Re Pro Line w/ Poly Cool. S/N P20130296


  • (2015) AEC Mod. GCRC-175, 50-Ton Dual Stage Chiller w/ 1600 Gal. Recovery & Recirculating Tower, Remote Condenser. S/N 45A1001
  • (2015) I.R. Mod. VP6-50 PEI-150 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/ Zeks Dryer. S/N CBN386276
  • I.R. SSR EP25SE, 25hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor. S/N KEZ801496022


  • (2012) JLG 1930ES Scissor Lift. S/N B2000007580
  • (2) Clark Mod. C25CL, 5000lb LPG Forklifts. S/Ns 0380-9664KF, 1388-9582KF
  • Selco Vertical Hyd. Baler
  • Spadone 28” Hyd. Guillotine, 10hp. S/N 05001
  • (2015) Lantech Mod. Q300 Auto Pallet Wrapper, 18” Height Exit. S/N OM032835; Doosan Electric Pallet Jack; Jib Crane w/ 1-Ton Hoist; Core Cutter, Surface Drive, Dual Clamp; Gates PC707 Crimper; Heath PIB Tank; Hercules Drum Lift; Pinnacle Digital Platform Scale; (3) Crimper – Cubers; 104” Nip w/ Air Blower; 20/30hp Vacuum Push Pull Loader System; Conair 20hp Vacuum Loader