Extremely Late Injection Molding Facility

Timed Online Auction

Extremely Late Injection Molding Facility

Wednesday, November 15
Bidding Begins Closing
at 11:00 AM (PST)
Allied Plastics Concepts
26181 Jefferson Ave., Suite A
Murrieta CA 92652


(888) 648 - 2249 or main@tauberaronsinc.com

Injection Molders as New as 2021!
Support Equipment, Tool & Die and More

INSPECTION:  Tuesday, November 14, 9am-4pm (PST)

CHECKOUT: November 1621, 8am-4pm (PST), Mondays-Fridays only


  • (2021) Himalia Mod. HD 290L, 200 Ton x 07 Plastic Injection Molder w/ Computer Controls, Huase Hopper/Dryer and Auto Feeder -800
  • (2020) Himalia Type HM-128, Mod. HDSS128, Plastic Injection Molder w/ Computer Controls, Huare Hopper/Dryer and Auto Feeder. S/N 8561
  • (2) (1997) & (1998) Toyo Plastar TM-200H, 200 Ton x 24.0 in³ Injection Capacity, Plastic Injection Molding Machine w/ IMS Hopper/Loader. S/N 1141000 (1997) & 1141129 (1998)
  • (1989) Toyo Plastar TM-200G—200 Ton x 23.9³ Injection Capacity, Plastic Injection Molder w/ IMS Hopper/Loader & PLCS-6 Controls. S/N 1032032
  • Nissei Mod FN1000 Super Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine w/ NC9000F Programmable Controls, Hopper. S/N S08R052
  • Nissei Mod. PS40ESA Plastic Injection Molding Machine w/ NC9000G Controls, Wittman Hopper. S/N E045349


  • IMS 7 1/2hp Scrap Grinder; Polymers 5hp Scrap Grinder; Wortex Mod. LP350, 5hp Scrap Grinder. S/N 4169; Cumberland 5hp Scrap Grinder; S/N 72400-89605; Schreider Mod. 750, AC Chiller. S/N 1758; (3) Sterlo Two-Zone Temperature Control System; (2) IMS Heating/Cooling Systems; Thoreson McCosh Mod. TD12, Termal-D Tech II Dryer. S/N 951020; Una-Dyn Mod. UBC-100, Auto Mini Dryer. S/N 121865.01-0594; Dri-Air Mod. RH60, 60lb. Port Hopper. S/N n/a; AEC Whitlock Drying Hopper; Autotran Pad Printer; Emax 10hp Twin-Stage Vertical Tank Air Compressor


  • Yihui Optoelectronics Mod. YF-4030T Video Measurement System w/ Computer; Vevor Mod. YS-2260A, Variable Speed Mini-Lathe w/ 3-Jaw Chuck, 4-Way Tool Post &
    Tailstock; RF Mod. RF-31 Vertical Milling/Drilling. S/N 033801; Central 6” Dbl. End Bench Grinder; Central Combo 6” Belt and Disc Sander; Central Pneumatic Bench Top Blast Cabinet; Hand Tools & Tooling