Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i hire a professional auction firm?

Maximizing your return requires the attention to detail that only experienced professionals can provide. A professional auction firm knows what needs to go into the planning and marketing, what to anticipate for the auction, how to run and call the itself and how to follow up to ensure proper delivery of items and collection of payments.

What do i get for the auction fee?

True turnkey service. Tauber-Arons can do it all, from equipment appraisal and advertising your auction all the way through to successful payment collection.

Will i know who is overseeing the details of my auction?

One person will manage all the details, from start to finish.

What if no one shows up for my auction?

Not to worry! An effective, targeted marketing plan utilizing a variety of print media,
direct mail and the internet, effectively guarantees a successful turnout.

How long does it take to plan and carry out an auction?

The entire process requires a minimum of 30-45 days. However, more lead
time is always desirable to implement the most effective marketing

Who is responsible for equipment removal and

The buyers are responsible for disconnecting equipment and for arranging removal and transport. Tauber-Arons
will oversee the entire process for you.

Can i be sure your appraisal report is accurate?

Absolutely. The ability to back up what we say has been our creed and
is the basis for our longevity and our unparalleled reputation in the
auction, appraisal and asset liquidation industry.

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