Specialists in Equipment Term Loans

Industrial Funding Group helps companies leverage equity in owned machinery and equipment to meet challenging financial needs. Through innovative financing solutions, companies may be able to obtain capital when traditional financing options are not available.

A Division of Tauber-Arons, Inc. (TA), Industrial Funding Group offers advantages of deep expertise in equity values of entire industrial facilities, and customizes solutions for diverse situations including transitions, turnarounds and restructuring.

Takeouts & Participation:

Industrial Funding Group assists lending institutions in finding specialized solutions for clients. Examples: An accounts Receivable (A/R) client may need extra capital. A distressed borrower may have become a special asset sapping too much of your firm’s energy, not to mention resources. A valued borrower may not meet your firm’s evolving lending requirements. Or a specialized lender may be required for restructuring, turnaround or bankruptcy. In dire cases, a client may be facing a persistent challenge that is draining assets. Industrial Funding Group offers solutions for these situations and others.

Assistance for Business Owners

Look to Industrial Funding Group for financing needs customized for your business. You may require funds to start a company. You could be looking to expand, improve infrastructure, roll out new SKUs or acquire a competitor. Perhaps you need financial assistance turning things around or even closing one chapter and moving on. Industrial Funding Group can help you with these situations and more. We are experts at customized solutions that improve credit worthiness, address lender covenant issues for a changing business, and replace short-term financing with long-term solutions.

Equipment Term Loan Specifications

Industrial Funding Group offers funding in a range of $100,000 to $2,000,000, with a fast-tracked response within three to four weeks following due diligence. We offer a minimal due diligence fee (this is separate from the appraisal cost), an early-payoff advantage based on favorable pre-payment terms, and full 48-month amortization or interest-only arrangements.

Summary of Benefits: Our Equipment Term Loans